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Answer #7, Eight more to go, for a $15 "ITunes" gift card!

...this weeks winner is Mark C from New Jersey. He gets a $15 ITunes gift card for asking the following question...

Mark asks "why did you not pick Lady Gaga for your Top Ten Sexiest Pianists??"

Answer  ...I love Gaga, I love her stance on gay rights, bullying, women's rights, and self esteem. 
                 I love her music, her presentation, I AM a Lil Monster...but I do not find her sexy!
I have indulged in all the anti social behavior she has, but I have done it longer. So that part of her does not appeal to me....and sex to me is a mental attraction more than a body to body one.
I need a bit of subtlety with my sex. Walking around on stage in your underwear, to me is in reality a turn off.  

I would much rater spend an evening with any of the nine surviving ladies on my list then Gaga.
Take a look at some of the video of these artists, I can feel their love and intensity just glowing out of their
beings as they perform.'s what I'm talkin 'bout!!! Tell me you can watch this and not want to run on stage and give Yula a hug!!

Or better still, sit across the table with a good bottle of Vino and listen to the soft, loving tones and pick the brain of Elianeeee...

Thanks for the question Marc..
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