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StreetcredMusic; A Great Opportunity From: SceneSoundsmvpd

My songstresses, and Joe Alterman, you all know me...and in my seven years of supporting you all, I have NEVER, EVER, NEVER promoted anything that required a submission or a fee.
Until now, and I know it is a one of a kind opportunity for you guys, so let me splain it to you.

My friend Daniel Diosdado, CEO of Nomada Films came up with a great project. (since I got him hooked of Music Videos, Ha!)

It will be open for submissions in a few weeks.

Here's the deal; You submit an original tune, you submit $45. I'm not sure if you can submit more than one?? A song will be selected at random, the drawing will be public and videoed.
If your song is selected Daniel and his amazing lighting and sound crew (I know I have worked with them) will make a complete music video for you.
Daniel is an award winning director with motion picture talent, and he is a perfectionist. No detail will go 'on the cheap'.

There will be 3 events, the announcement of the submissions, the drawing, and a release of the video to the world, and of course Streetcred will shoot it out globally for you.

Below are two videos from Daniel and Nomada films, have a look!!

Video Pianowomen June 2016 Kayce Laine
Video Vanessa Calderon 3'30 DKDENCIA

...Streetcred, Vanessa and Daniel
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Thanks for checking this out!!!!
    ....Call me if you need more info:

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