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Artists In New York, Part III... Clara Lofaro

Clara Lofaro is as New York as it gets. Performing and busy writing all the time.
Her hit single and video, "Just Smile" paints a picture of how much fun she is having
meeting the challenges of being successful in Da Apple.
Clara Lofaro, Caffe Vivaldi

Clara has one of the best CD's I have heard in years, the self titled "Clara Lofaro".

A great work, with an amazing eleven original
tunes that will cover all the emotions you expect from a great CD.

Her is an earlier review I did of CLo live.

Clara agreed to answer some questions for my Artists In New York series.

Q; How great is it living in NYC and the influence it has on you writing?
Clara; NYC is the first place I've lived that has felt like home to me. It is amazing because I am constantly inspired and the community of talented musicians and artists I surround myself with is endless. It's totally fulfilling although pretty smelly in the summertime;-). It also keeps me centered in who I am because I always feel challenged to achieve my ultimate potential as an artist, writer and person in NY.

Q; When you go out to hear music, what are some of your favorite venues?
Clara; Rockwood Music Hall is probably my favorite. I also love the Blue Note and Le Poisson Rouge.

Q; Who among the not so famous singers or bands around the Village do you go to see?
Clara; Hiromi, a jazz pianist from Japan who I went to school with at Berklee, but she is well known in the world of jazz.

Q; What are the shows that use your songs on TV?
Clara; ABC Network, and my single, Just Smile, will be in a national commercial campaign in 2012. More info will be released soon:).

Q; When they used your voice for the Super Bowl commercials, did they invite you to the game, did you go? 
Clara; No, they didn't. It was pretty unglamorous on my end. I was called in for a private audition the year before it was used. I sang the chorus of "When You Wish Upon A Star", 3 times. They loved it and I never heard from them afterward. The next year, the Friday before Superbowl weekend, I get a call saying they needed me to come in right away and sign papers because they were using my voice. They had taken my audition, went to Prague to record an orchestra behind it and voila! I wouldn't have known they used it again the following year if it weren't for the check in the mail:).
 Clara...The most recent song I am working on is called "Humanity".

My thanks to Clara for as always being cooperative with my blog   xoxo! 

Clara will be at....Hugh's Room, Toronto, December 13th!
                  ............a marvelous performer, get out and see her.
            have a listen...

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