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The History of New York City, by Me, Pete Carma

Summer 1944, I was born in Bronx Hospital. Fulton Avenue, 169th Street.

!955, 'Doo Wop' music was what life was all about for a kid in the South Bronx. Singin in hallways, hallways that were all marble, built turn of the 20th Century. Of course Tito Puente, and the Latin bands were still cool too. We knew nothing of white music, the Perry Como's, the Doris Day's.
We had access to WADO Radio out of Harlem, something the NBC's and CBS's of the world feared most, a break through of minority music. Their sponsors would not hear of that.
Our heroes in music were never heard on national radio, and TV, no chance.

The neighborhoods were all changing in the 50's...The Italians, the Jews, and the Irish were taking flight to Long Island, and Westchester County, and some to Florida....(and NYPD cops walked a beat, alone.) Me, we were not financially able to relocate in the 50's.

The Bronx, and Brooklyn where I spent lots of time were going through changes that did not sit well with a large majority of older folks. The exodus of the middle class also caused the city to go into a state of dysfunction. Schools, business, were starting to run down, because they would not respond to the integration, they resisted. You could still at this point in time, in some newspapers or Jet Magazine, yes in NYC 1950's read about lynchings in other states.

Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.
Alan Freed came along and had a radio show on WINS, and guess what he played?.. music we could identify with, black groups, and a guy named Jackie Wilson.

Then came the 1960's. The decade aside from the 1860's when the Civil War was fought, that changes America more than any other. Young people had...had enough. We did everything we could to rebel.
Smoked weed, did acid, walked barefoot, the women went bra less, everyone had long unruly hair, and we campaigned for candidates that also wanted change. Bob Dylan lead that fight.

The words of Dylan

Bob Dylan

In the 60's New York City lost it's self esteem. Empty apartment buildings, vacant businesses, an administration that refused to clean the streets, police the parks and subways...this all lead to a crime ridden city of Wall Street, Fifth Avenue and a series of Ghettos.

Alphabet City, the area of Avenues A.B,C,D from Houston Street to 14th Street, had a patrol of Missionaries that went through each morning to pick up corpses that had OD'd or been shot the night before. It was a haven for the drug dealers from Columbia and Cuba.

Young people were to blame!! That's what the establishment position was. Well, the young took it to them. We occupied, Universities, police stations, parks and streets, in a peaceful attempt to get change. To the youngsters of today, nothing you can read, can ever explain the total changes that took place in the 1960's..it was truly a 'movement' lead by young people, a feeling, a calling.

Occupy Columbia U 1968
Ahhh, but then came the 1970's. The yuppie class who had moved to Yonkers, Long Island, Connecticut, now realized the after the gas purge of OPEC, and the price of gas tripling and over population causing massive traffic on their routes to and from the 'golden goose' of Manhattan, AND the railroads they might use as their alternate mode of commuting were so out dated and dilapidated
they were wasting 20 hours a week getting to work, and the cost of it was now making a difference. Hmmm they needed a solution. Soooooo...

In the 80's the money makers and the politically connected purchased whole blocks of the vast ghetto areas, and the city bent over backwards for them, to lock up the tax revenue they would bring.
This was the dirge for the neighborhoods that we knew in Manhattan. The candy store, the local grocer, the TV repair guy and all other 'Mom & Pops' could not pay the corporate rentals and carry the insurance they were compelled to carry:: They were forced out. The family of three or four being able to afford an apartment in Manhattan was gone. This was the start of a time you could live in a building and not know or ever speak to anyone else in the joint. I grew up knowing everyone for a two or three block area, this was a sad time for me...I moved back to Las Vegas.

For real, that's what the subway looked like.
...and the city you see now, is the product of all that...Whole Foods, Starbucks, you know the deal, just whip out that credit card and get in line.
When I was a kid, the grocer, Mr Feldman, had a black composition notebook, I would go in, buy groceries, he would add it up and put it in the book....and Friday my dad would go in and settle up for the week...
YEAH, in my lifetime...OK that's NYC History as I saw it.....Hey you better go put some money in the parking meter....1980.

Video:::NYC 4AM

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StreetcredMusic..wants to tell you bout 'Livestream'

A friend of mine, a wonderful creator, artist, thinker, illustrator, and lovely person, Liz Emirzian asked me to help get the word out on something new in New York City.
Something that is right up my alley, helping young artists.

They will help you get you creations of music, art, sculpture or what ever else you are involved with..'out there'.

They call themselves Livestream Public .

Livestream, 195 Morgan St. Bklyn.

Liz Emirzian:
Hey there,
Here's a short description about the space:
Livestream Public is an event and educational space located in Bushwick, inside the Livestream NYC Headquartrs. We hold events, meetups, conferences, performances, shows, focusing in showcasing interesting events and people. We have a stage room equipped with livestream production equipment, as well as classrooms and a larger performance space. We offer food and beer through Fitzcarroldo our independently owned on site restaurant, complete with inside and outdoor seating. We are excited about collaborating with talented and innovative people to create unique experiences for our community! 
The adjoining restaurant:: Fitzcarroldo..
195 Morgan Street, Bklyn

So there you have it, people who 'get it'. Hold your event and have the option to 'Livestream'
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StreetcredMusic..'SheSaid~~SheSaid' Greta Panettieri---Zap Mama, 'Parole'

Parole Parole: The song was originally performed by Mina and Alberto Lupo.
 The lyrics were written by Leo Chiosso and Giancarlo Del Re, the authors of the Italian Teatro 10 series of TV variety nights. The music and the score were by Gianni Ferrio, the conductor of the "Teatro 10" orchestra. In Spring 1972, the song was the closing number of all eight of the "Teatro 10" Saturday nights.

Now 42 years later, here is Greta's Bakery featuring Greta Panettieri with the tune and video, from their album that has sold out in Italy, 'Non Gioco Piu'

Enjoy this great video: 'Parole Parole' HERE

The Amazing Diva, Greta Panettieri.
  Greta and her 'Bakery will be in NYC::::
                 Tickets::: Nov 11th Show:: RockwoodMusicHall stage 3...here


.. The song's theme are hollow words. It intertwines the female singer's lamentation of the end of love and the lies she has to hear, while the male actor simply speaks. She reacts and scoffs at the compliments that he gives her, calling them simply empty words – parole.

Now enjoy the wonderful interpretation by  Zap Mama
 'Parole' video here, by Zap Mama

Zap Mama, Marie Daulne

Marie Daulne, (Zap Mama) the daughter of a Belgian man and a Congolese woman, was born in  East Zaire. Daulne's music has evolved over the years from an acapella quintet to a lead voice accompanied by instruments. "I’m a nomad. I like to discover my sound with different instruments, different genres.

             Two great 'Diva's' hope you enjoy my 'SheSaid~~SheSaid series.

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Clara Lofaro's New EP 'Air Lift Me' ...is now available

'Air Lift Me' is the latest album from New York City's favorite songstress, Clara Lofaro
...it's now available!

A video message ...   From her HERE

Get 'Air Lift Me'...HERE

 The EP includes the title tune, 'Air Lift Me'...a remixxx of her Bilboard Top 20 Hit
 'Born To Love You'....'Lightning Bolts'....and a show stopper, 'Real Love'...

 ...and the featured tune, which Clara has made into a lyric video for us, 'Slow Burn'.

This is the tune that satisfies the 'mandate' that Clara's fans ask of her. They look for the tune that I would refer to as a cleanser.  This is the one where she let's it all go, from the gut. Her body and soul, a very personal lyric, put to the always unforgettable melodies she just seems to release time after time.

Enjoy the video:::  'SLOW BURN'

The album is available::: Air Lift Me..HERE
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Artists In New York, Part XIV, Mariana J. Plick.

Just recently, I had the opportunity to finally spend some time getting to know a young woman I had seen perform with Yula Beeri several times. Her name is Mariana J. Plick.

Mariana J. Plick   Cirque Squelettique
Music, the Punk Music of Yula &the eXtended Family is what brought all of us together, well here,
as I like to do for my readers, I'll let Mariana (Annie) tell you her story::

       Hi Pete,
I'm a circus performer and director. After residing in Philadelphia, then New York City, I moved to Montréal. While practicing in New York City, I enrolled in a professional program at Circus Warehouse, a circus training facility which trains acrobats. TheHiveNYC is my artistic home.

The Hive is resolution. In New York City, a casino of dreams, artists habitated for decades in a mecca of creativity. With an expensivity incline, higher priced housing, and the foundations of capital enterprise, such people now find an inhospitable economic environment there. The natural environment itself in New York suffered losses, trees dying amidst concrete body bounds in sidewalks littered by refuse and vomit.

 Not all of the city embodies this view, but a lot of the terrain speaks exactly to such dystopian visions. Those for whom creativity evolves of empathy and emotion encounter difficulties for such to flourish while crammed into a metal subway car in direct proximity to several drained individuals, whose vision for their lives in New York bespoke something so far from what they've managed to find there. 

Mariana with Yula&XFM, at Rockaway Beach.
In such a place, The Hive embodies a safe space to create art and relationships. In a small space of time I watched it grow into a beautiful theater, through which many aspiring artists of New York found ground to grow their visions. I met Yula through friends in the punk/music scene between Philadelphia and New York. My friend Kriss Marchena was managing Yula and the eXtended Family for a time, and they invited our friends from Philadelphia to The Hive to meet and discuss how to link our ideas together, reinforcing the dendrites between us so as to support one another. At the end of the night Yula played piano, which is always the most inspiring sound to hear.

I met Jason Yellen while at the Hive, on a day I made a video with Yula, Sarah Zar, and some others. He had actually read poetry at the first event I produced/directed in Philadelphia, called The Elegant Skeleton at Bookspace, an eccentric concoction of circus, poetry, and music. I began a mini Hive in Philadelphia at Bookspace for a Summer with the help of some friends, but once I moved to New York it was absorbed back into the ensconces of the city.

Ahhhhh, Mariana at The HiveNYC
One particular aspiration that The Hive supported: Cirque Squelettique. The project simply would not have existed without The Hive. Cirque Squelettique collects ideas and transports them into the corporeal. I wrote a movement narrative, Cirque Skeletique, which embodies the first full length incarnation of these ideas. This show grows through the lens of post-modernist critiques on bio political engineering, security culture, fascism, and other oppressive forces in societies such as New York City. The skills involved ranged from sword swallowing, belly dance, shurikan card/knife throwing, freak show, aerial acrobatics, contortion, illusionism, juggling, break dancing, and more. The show ran for three nights at The Hive, and one night in Philadelphia. My goal is to create commentary on how I see these things affecting us, and to traverse the terrain between the voiceless and unvoiced, to the public.

These ideas are still formulating and won't be tangible to the extent I would like for a little while, but I plan to focus much more on trees. 

Amazing....another wonderfully creative spirit who calls TheHiveNYC 'home'.
...my thanks to Mariana for her words about 'Artists in NYC' and The Hive, and the amazing founder of it..... Yula Beeri...and it's life's blood, Jason Yellen.

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.........to see all the others in this series, type  'Artists in New York' in the search box.

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A Distinctive Coma...StreetcredMusic, Pete Carma

adjective: distinctive

characteristic of one person or thing, and so serving to distinguish it from others.

 The topic of conversation on a trip to New York City about a year ago, as the vino was flowing, it was the cheap stuff, in a bar of no importance. 

"If you were in a coma, could music help you OUT"...well I don't know if it would help me out but...

I know there are three voices I could hear that I would certainly respond to. Voices that will make my emotions, if you have any in a coma, respond to. They are truly the most distinctive to me::

Mary Travers

Mary Travers the unbelievable sound of  depth and protest of my youth. I Can never shake that sound that 'Rang Out' through the 1960's. Standing tall as a singer and artist and a civil rights giant.

Investigated by Nixon and the House Un American Activities Committee, never stopped her from speaking out. 

They had a hammer, and used it.

Another voice I would hear and maybe respond to:: A guy who went from a tenor to a who knows what..but surrounded himself with the best musicians on the planet, and had the best arrangements written by the best at what they did, and recited the American Song Book as no other.

Francis Albert Sinatra

 ...he gave the audience what they clamored for, great music with class and respect.

                  Sinatra:: here with Count Basie/Quincy Jones....'Fly Me To...'


Last and by no means least, If I really were in a coma, and this is a binding document here, this is the voice I want you to play~~Who else?? The Diva....Greta Panettieri   

Me and Greta NYC, 2012

  What she does with music is take it to a level where it is more than just for the ear. 

She sends out messages of happiness, and a visual of sheer joy. A phenomenal women with a musical talent very few can claim. 

 Here is her latest, there are so many I wanted to show::this is from her new CD..'Non Gioco Piu'
which has sold out in Italy..This is a 21st Century revival of a Mina tune from 40 years ago.

ENJOY:: 'Parole Parole'  

......That's it my 'Living Will' before you pull the plug give me a shot of Greta Panettieri  

.........make it a 'double'.

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Climbing Fences: The Occupation Song, by Sonia Montez

 One of my favorite New York City songstresses and people, Sonia Montez was sitting on a tune she wrote, and as events have unfolded recently, there is no need to wait it's time has come.

 Listen here!

The profound lyric::

Climbing Fences: The Occupation Song (Demo)
Words, Music, and everything else by Sonia Montez::

Dead night, Fire in the sky Stars are running shy
Ground bleeds in streams for you Early little love child
Bore the burden of the hate squad Someone watched as innocence left your eye
Climbing fences that tear you apart
How golden is our silence now? When they come in the middle of dead night
When there's nothing but fire in the darkened sky Stars run shy from the bullet fight
How the ground bleeds in streams of pain for you

Listen pretty sister
I got boys with toys to paint you red
I got silence now
When they come in the middle of dead night
When there's nothing but fire in the darkened sky
Stars run shy from the bullet fight
How the ground bleeds in streams of pain for you
You bleed as the world closes blinds
You scream as the pressure holds you tight
In this cage, you can't breathe
When all you need to be is free
When they come in the middle of dead night
When there's nothing but fire in the darkened sky
Stars run shy from the bullet fight
How the ground bleeds in streams of pain for you