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Kiss Slash Crooked Smile, CD Release Show, The Hive, New York City.

April 10th, 2014: 'Ethereal Dance' was the CD released by KISS SLASH CROOKED SMILE.

The Event: I plead guilty, in years past, of being one of 'those' people who when hearing the term, a community of artists...thought of something fossilized by tradition. 

I thought, so, a group of outcasts, banned together, to 'drop out' as we said in the 60's...to protest, to screech at the public, point their fingers and rebel against the establishment, under the guise of performance.

Then I was introduced to 'The Hive NYC'

The Hive, is where the CD release took place and it is the home of KSCS, and founded by it's lead singer Yula Beeri.

Her mission with The Hive and her music is to spread LOVE!
....the release party: was a true love affair.

Food, spirits, bubbles, electric Jellyfish, Jello shots, dancing girls who hung from the ceiling, and a one hour set by KSCS, made a normal CD release by an independent artist seem pale.

A Red/Black dress code was the order of the day::
 Guest Erin Pellnat  & Yula Beeri, KSCS

Yula, Chen Prat (center) of Yula &XFM, and guests.

 The community of the Hive, is ever morphing to help anyone who becomes part of it.
Love is the nucleus, creativity, and mutual respect is the driving force. 

....OH, the music....The CD......I've had my copy, three days, haven't listened to anything else!!
....of course if you read my blog, EVER, you already knew that. It's great!!
Thirteen of Yula's original tunes. Including, 'My Cane'..'This Is How I Learned To Lie To People I Love'..'On And On'..'Take Over The World'....and nine others, perfectly mixed for your listening pleasure.

....and the live show, this wonderful shot taken by Erin Pellnat says it all~~~

 The Hive is the kind of community we need more of, no drama, no negativity, just LOVE BABY!

KSCS:: lead Yula Beeri...
Guitar, recorded and mixed, by Assaf Spector, of Blue Jay Way Studios.

Assi Spector 
Assi: Production Studio

KSCS::Percussion, Stefano Baldesseroni.

Stefano Baldasseroni

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The CD was mastered by::Pete Maher
Art by:: Pepi Marzel

I will have some great HD video of the show~~~~~~Stay Tuned!

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Throwback Thursday~Bob Dylan~Clara Lofaro, Coming to New York City. #Supportindie

The Melting Pot, New York City...especially for musicians....
I hear the stories from dozens every week. I came here because.....

And I'm afraid that.. I won't fit in, I won't be able to keep up with the pace, will I be accepted?
Will I find a place to live that I can afford, will I need a day gig?

Well here are two, 50 years apart, who have both 'fit in' and given us some wonderful music.

1961...He left Minnesota, came to be near his Idol, who was hospitalized, Woody Guthrie.
Visiting him daily and playing what were then called 'coffee houses' in Greenwich Village...

Bob Dylan...
here is his take on NYC! from 1961...
VIDEO:: 'Talkin New York'


Then some 40 years later came CLo.....Clara Lofaro
....with a smile!

CLo fit New York City like a glove. Writing her music, performing and finally a while ago, "no more shitty gigs".....she's all in with her music and her career! In Da Apple!

Her very positive take on NYC, after arriving was:: A video~'Just Smile'
From 2010.


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Bob Dylan 1962, #inspireindie

.....Indie Musicians, take heart, if at first.....

1962::  Bob Dylan’s debut album 'Bob Dylan' was released in the Untied States. Initially poor sales led the record to be known around Columbia Records as ‘Hammond's Folly’ (John Hammond was producer of Dylan’s early recordings and the man responsible for signing Dylan). The album was praised by the New York City weekly newspaper Village Voice as an ‘explosive country blues debut’, but featured only two Dylan original compositions, 'Talkin' New York' and 'Song To Woody', the rest being old folk standards.



  Dylan's 'Talkin New York'   Video

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Kosi>>'Pictures of Us'

Hmmmm, I met this young songstress a few months ago. She is dedicated. You may have seen her and her guitar in the subway this frigid winter singing 'Summertime'.

She is creative, her style is unique, her compositions are great. Her voice is a jazzy/bluesy sexy mix. Soooo, now you can 'walk the walk'....with her...

You can help:: Kosi Here:

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Gato Loco, 'Psycho-Mambo' From New York City, heading to Europe!

 Gato Loco
 An experience::Gato Loco.

Penning themselves as Psycho-Mambo from New York CityGato Loco were formed in 2006 by New York City native Stefan Zeniuk. Their sound is unique and never boring. Jazz? Rock? Latin? Vintage? New? Gato Loco are really hard to pigeonhole, and this new song illustrated by a self made claymation video is a fantastic new addition to the band's ever-growing mystery.

Truly a group of Crazy Kats, crazy like, wildly entertaining.
 Enjoy their latest::: video: 'Cumbia Call'

Stefan gave me the dates of Gato Loco's European tour ::
Get ready over there~~get tickets!  Gato Loco tour dates!

Depending on the venue, if you are lucky, you may get to see Stefan unleash the flameaphone!!

 Stefan Zeniuk
 'LIKE' the band::Their FB page

Gato Loco:: WEB PAGE

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Greta Panettieri, For 'StreetcredMusic' The Documentry Film.

Here's a bit of my interview with Greta Panettieri one of the Angels featured in my doc film...

The entire film was shot with no rehearsal, or script, I just let the women be who they are so you can see them through my eyes, and appreciate how hard they work and how creative and talented they are.....and perhaps to lure you away from the 'force feeding' of the corporate marketing machines that control the music business. Enjoy the Diva, and you can like the movie page:::HERE!

Here is the VIDEO


....and as always a big thanks to our home away from home, The HIVE!

...get Greta's new album, ~  'Under Control' here.

....Camera:: Peter Steusloff

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StreetcredMusic, Throwback Thursday, New York City, Pennsylvania Station

When I was a kid, like 6 or 7, my dad and mom would get me and my brother out of the ghetto of the South Bronx, as much as they could, on weekends during the summer. We didn't have any money, no car, so our escape came with relatives who lived on Long Island, Island Park, and Long Beach to be precise. I'm talking 1951-52. There was no TV, for us, very few families had a TV set back then.

There was one family on Washington Avenue that had a set. They were an old couple with no kids, and they would invite kids off the street to watch TV in the late afternoon's every so often, they were the Fein's.  But the real impressions made on kids back then was New York City itself.

What happened on the street, in your neighborhood, that was what mesmerized a 7 year old back then. That along with traveling, especially those wonderful trips we took to Long Island.

It was not only the chance to swim, and ride a bike without fear of it being stolen or worse, being hit by a car, that was the treat for me, it was Pennsylvania Station, and the Long Island Railroad.


The Old Pennsylvania Station.........

It was like being in Rome, the statues, the masonry, the columns, the fourth largest building in the world at that time, 8 acres, and a ceiling 150 feet high!

Trains running under the East River, then above ground all the way to Long Beach, how cool!!
Nothing on TV back then could match that, for me.

...Nowadays, on my trips to New York City to chase down independent artists, I land at JFK, catch the 'Air Train' and then you got it, the Long Island Railroad, to Pennsylvania Station.

On every trip as I step off the train at the station, my sense of smell tells me it is exactly the same odor from the 1950's. However that's where the similarity from a bygone era ends.

The above ground part of the terminal has been demolished, and you can now visit it and see a basketball game, a hockey game, or a concert. You can also purchase some sneakers, or a team jersey, and use a Chase ATM machine. The statues, the architecture, the work of the masons who were shipped in from Italy, along with the marble, the same marble use by the ancient Romans, was removed and demolished in 1963.

I remember the protest to keep the station, and I would make it my business to pass by as the demolition was in progress, kinda like a 'wake' that lasted months.

There was no chance to save the landmark, because it was owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad, and they were going broke, they had no choice. The railroad bought up all the small homes and businesses with cash, door to door in a matter of weeks to acquire the land, in a covert operation.
That piece of land was know then as the 'tenderloin' district.

Soooo, now the above ground is an arena and the vestibules once adorned with the work of artisans from all over the world, are a mass of food courts. Pizza, coffee, doughnuts, tacos, juices and salads are plentiful.

As a result of this action NYC passed the 'landmarks' bill. The bill is the reason Grand Central Station is still standing and exempt from a similar fate.

Soooooo, I get a lump in my throat with every trip through the station now, but I still have vivid memories of the great trips through there sixty years ago, and it makes me remember how cool my mom and dad were....Throwback Thursday's!!

Madison Square Garden, above Penn Station 2013.

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