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StreetcredMusic: Tessa Lena vs Spotify

 Tessa Lena
"Another step in the direction of a corrupted, dishonest world. The only new app / brand that the world really needs immediately is the one that beeps "bullshit" when marketers try to confuse people and treat them like little children, while simultaneously raping anything that lets them. I said it before, and I say it again. I don't use Spotify, out of principle, in any capacity. I am far from perfect and, despite my straightforward statuses, far from naive. But there is a fine line between a corporation that tries to make money and a corporation that fucks everything up like there is no tomorrow, literally. Spotify is a fine example of the latter. Not cool.
It is not all theoretical and not abstract. Life is real. What people do to other people, including in the context of doing business, is real. One of the most real things there is. They are despicable."


"The goal of the new brand identity was to create a look that would signal to the brand’s core audience of millennials that Spotify was as rich and lively as the music culture it fronted, rather than simply a technology service that served up songs."

"The big shift in helping the company go from looking like a tech company to more of an entertainment brand, was giving them the ability to communicate in much more diverse ways," he says. "We wanted something that was wildly diverse, but somehow always familiar—and a way to balance that tension."

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StreetcredMusic. Conversation with Sonia Montez. Part l

This blog is for Indie Musicians. Many of them, Greta Panettieri, Yula Beeri, Tessa Lena, and Jade Simmons among others, have given me praise for giving a 'voice' not only to their music, but a platform to speak.

Here is a chat with one of the most outspoken, intelligent, informed and TALENTED musicians on the New York scene for years:: Sonia Montez

Enjoy~~Part I

Video chat with  My friend Sonia Montez

Enjoy::: a video by Sonia Montez and the Henry Street Players~~ 'AveryJane'

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StreetcredMusic, New CD from Kalen &The Sky Thieves`"Bluebird"

Kalen: friend of this blog for several years has a great new CD available now!
Her band of 2 years, 'The Sky Thieves' has given us 'Bluebird'

Kalen & The Sky Thieves
Kalen has been a force in Indie Music in New York City ever since I started my bogging.
"Bluebird" is a mirror of her versatility.
The silky, smoothness of her voice mixed with her 'rockstability' make this CD unique.

The title tune, 'Bluebird' is a bluesy heavy bottom tune, with some great guitar work by, Will Hanza
....this tune to me, jumps from a blues opening to a more heavy rock finish. Remember I told you Kalen was versatile!

Kalen's range and that 'silky smoothness' I mentioned is on display on 'Keep You Mine'...
...speaking of on display, as good as her recordings are, you must see her live to get the full impact of her talent. Performance, which is lacking in so many indie artist's 'bag' is a plus with Kalen.

'Island' Tune #4 is one that stays with the listener. It's melody, that to me creates a feeling of an ocean, and Kalen's upper register, well. it paints a picture, cool, wind, flowing. Nice tune!

...and then the ever present, sultry, antisocial 'Rabid Girl' shows up. One of the very best tunes I have heard from Indie Music in years. Again there is a portrait painted here. Of NYC, with a beat that says...
everything New York is about... stress, strife, hardship, police, addiction, and Delancey Street, as observed by Kalen...and all put together in a great composition.

This is an album of 10 tunes, that the Sky Thieves can be proud of. One thing that I don't normally mention, but for me it adds to the listening pleasure...the rotation of the tunes here is perfect!

Kalen: on her music...
   "I think it's a combination that I've never wanted to just say I'm going to do this one thing. I listened to a lot of my mom's vinyl growing up, I love classic rock, but then I love a lot of trip-hop. I never saw myself as a singer-songwriter even though I was one, so I always really tried to incorporate other elements of soul and groove and funk by making my songs really bass-line heavy, even just on the piano. I think that's part of why the sound is multifaceted, because each person in the band also has a really diverse music taste individually, but also come from really kind of different schools of music. Will Hanza comes straight from '70s psychedelic music and Wayan Zoey comes from jazz and jam band world. Jay Giacomazzo came from more of the rock and punk scene, and then I came from  New Hampshire writing funky bass-lines.
Get the CD, BUT make sure you get out to see them LIVE!

Web site:: and get the CD here:: Kalen&TST
Like and follow their:: Facebook page!


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StreetcredMusic: Jade Simmons, Black History Month, at Elgin Community College

In keeping with Black History Month the wonderful folks at Elgin Community College were able to get Jade Simmons, for a two day residency. Jade is a friend and Elgin is in my back yard, so, lucky me.
First a 'hats off' to ECC and the wonderful women there who made this happen and also extended their hospitality to me.

Joyce Fountain, Sociology Instructor

Toya Webb, Media
The concert, event, and Q&A that I attended was as energetic, informative and as entertaining as it could be.
For Black History Month, especially in Illinois, who better than Jade. A former Miss Chicago, Miss Illinois and then first runner up Miss America. A child who in South Carolina was taken to a KKK Rally by her dad, where she was exposed to the most disgraceful verbal attacks one could imagine.
 And in her adult life was asked by a patron at one of her concerts to show her to her seat, thinking she was an usher.
So the 'history' was vividly brought to light to the young people of ECC, in the Jobe Lounge in 2015.

Jade Simmons
 Jade took that 'history' and built on it, to be one of the most influential women in America. 
She has performed at the White House, Moscow, and, at her favorite, Rachmaninoff's house where
she was able to play his own piano.
Also known by me and all of her followers as the 'Rebel' of classical music, she mixes in all kinds of beats to her work.
I have reviews of Jade's two previous CDs, 'Revolutionary Rhythm' and 'Playing With Fire'
....just type her name in the 'search' of this blog.
Jade has boundless energy for her music and communicating. She reaches people with a straight from the shoulder approach that is based on her vast experiences in life and music.     
         She comes prepared for her audience. The almost 2 hour seminar yesterday just flew by.  

Here is a Rap/Classic that Jade closed the show with yesterday.
Wonderful time!

Jade will be in NYC:: February 27th. at a great venue~~SubCulture
get tickets here:  Jade at SubCulture, TKS
Thanks Jade Simmons and ECC!

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StreetcredMusic: New York City, Here Are Five Independent Women You Need To Know.

'Independent' women, as well as artists. Women who hold their own in a brutal business, music.
They are leaders, organizers, creators, as they manage to make ends meet in the career they have chosen, that does not provide a steady, comfortable income.

All of them have my admiration for their strength, and the class they exhibit as they go through the highs and the lows of a very unstable way of life....as a musician.

Kayce Laine

Kayce, now from Brooklyn, originally, Virginia...studied politics in college, Yup!
.....works out every day:: Yoga!

Kayce & me at TheHiveNYC
   ....her latest video:: 'Better Than Okay'

Tessa Lena

Tessa, from Moscow, by way of Chicago, and now New York City.
     ....She fronts her band 'Tessa Makes Love' which is rated #1 Experimental Band in NYC,
          ...by ReverbNation.

Worldly wise beyond her years, an activist, outspoken against hypocrisy, and greed.
......Loves her newly acquired 'keytar'.
Tessa Lena
     ...Tessa, Video:: 'When Boys Play' like there is no shame 

Yula Beeri

Tel -Aviv, now a Queen Bee in Brooklyn. Founder, creator of  TheHiveNYC, a nonprofit arts space.
  ...By FAR, the hardest working women I have ever known.

Runs the Hive, which is a 24/7 commitment. Fronts four bands, writes, acts, creates, and best of all    ...welcomes everyone who creates.

At Kiss Slash Crooked Smile CD release, 'Ethereal Dance'
 Video, watch Yula:: 'Take Over The World'

Sonia Montez
Sonia Montez
Born in N.Hollywood, Ca. then Puerto Rico, now Brooklyn!
...performed in many aspects of the music biz. Everything she creates is top shelf,
   ...music that comes to life...AND a full time mom!
Sonia & me on Fifth Ave. NYC
    Sonia, Video, a great composition:: Sonia & The Henry Street Players..'AveryJane'

Greta Panettieri
The Diva, Greta Panettieri
 Italy, New York...New York, Italy?    The Diva:
       ...Ancient Greek::someone given a Divine voice, from the Heavens.
          ...The best I've ever heard...and she makes me laugh!
The Diva & me NYC

   When I say the best, here's why:: Video: from the CD, 'Non Gioco Piu' ..
      ... a tribute to Italian legend Mina...Video, this is 'Parole Parole'

Having fun, making 'noise' in NYC...


Tessa & me
me, Sonia, Diva

Kayce & me.

Greta & Yula (when Yula speaks)
Sonia, Greta..me

Greta & me... 'Under Control' NYC

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StreetcredMusic: Sonia Eden, Songstress.

A short while ago, I met Sonia Eden via twitter, checked out her music and loved it. She represents everything I want to support on my blog. A desire to created, work with great people and just get her message out. She gives of herself in her music, you can feel the vibes she creates. Please enjoy her words and then some of her great work.

Sonia Eden

 Hello Pete,
I'm a island girl at heart and by heritage...I hail from Barbados...I've always been passionate about music and after spending my days in a job I hated (hiding out in the bathroom so I could write song lyrics and hum out melody ideas in my voice recorder) I decided to pursue my dream full time. I just wanted to write, create and be a part of beautiful music and the process of creating it.
I want to work with brilliant musicians, connect with awesome people and grow as an artist.
My music is about my journey...my highs..my lows...my joy..my love..my passion...I hope people feel something when they hear it...I hope it moves them...makes their day a little brighter.
I'm currently writing material for my second CD...a follow up to 'Truth Love and Life'.
Sonia video:: 'It's a Beautiful Day'     Sonia video:: 'I'm Not Over Love'

Sonia Eden
...Pete, Once again may thanks for this opportunity. Please also send me your links and any other information you deem relevant so that I can spread the word about your shows and all the work  you do.
 Please use the links below to follow Sonia and be ready for her next CD!!
Sonia Eden :: On Facebook      Sonia on:: TWITTER     Get the CD:: 'Truth Love and Life'
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StreetcredMusic, New York City, Angels in the City. Thursday.

My time in NYC, this time....Wednesday night I left open for some old friends, I usually do that on one night of my stays in New York City. Good way to fall into the flow of the food and entertainment the city offers.(drinking)

...Thursday was a full day. As always some great conversation, we shot a couple of videos, had some laughs, some Russian Tea...Russian Tea? (that's tea made by a Russian) a vegan dinner, with Tessa Lena.

#Rated 1 Experimental Artist in NYC ReverbNation
The two videos? One of Tessa speaking on the coming IPO of Spotify, is being edited..
...have it for you soon!!

While we are waiting for that video, Tessa has a new page for us to enjoy it's called..'Tessa Fights Robots'  Check it out.

The time just flies when you are with her, she is so informed on all issues, charming and has a wonderful sense of humor, that matches her talent and intellect. Delightful woman.

Tessa Lena of 'Tessa Makes Love'

>Thing that makes her so likable to me..she has been 'around the block' as we use to say back in the day. Meaning? basically she has experienced life, starting as a kid in the Soviet Union, learned from it and really knows how messed up society is now and wants to make change for the better. xo

After dinner we took in 'Seasonal Beast' gig featuring Yula Beeri.
Nice Thursday.

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