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StreetcredMusic: Let Me Introduce You To, Miranda Gold, The Band is 'Gold Monkey'

Introduced to me by my friend Jessica Marciel who has had a Hall of Fame career, and knows more about being a woman in showbiz that anyone I know, Jess has been a Las Vegas celeb for years..
...let me now introduce you to::

Miranda Gold, band is 'Gold Monkey'
I will be featuring five of Gold Monkey's tunes on my radio broadcast this week,
you can listen here:  Tuesdays, 3PM, PT 11PM, UK   RKC Radio

 Hi Pete,
"We just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all the support. My name is Miranda Gold, I am 22 years old and am in the band: Gold Monkey. We are an independent alternative rock-pop act based in Las Vegas Nevada. We are currently working with producer Tom Marolda (The Killers, Imagine Dragons), on an original 13 song album, we have 5 songs released so far.... 

I have the amazing opportunity to work with the best all time vocal coach Jessica Marciel (Capitol Records) for almost two years. She has been a dear friend and a 'guardian angel' to my personal growth as a vocalist. We love your work on your blog, movie page, and radio station and we are thankful for people like you who help expose a band like ours and we look forward to being featured on your show.  Rock on"!!

this photo here looks like she's at 'Area 51' pickin up some chords from the "universe".

Check out this video::: 'Life's A Maze' by Gold Monkey

 ..Here is all the info on these great you artists::

FB Page, 'Gold Monkey'      Follow on:: Twitter, HERE

and their KOOL photos on, Instagram at:: goldmonkeyoffical

........stay tuned here there will be more from them!!

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StreetcredMusic: Vanessa Calderon, In 3'30" DK

I am always wondering out loud on my blog and Facebook, why there are so few, so very, very, few artists today who take on social issues.
So I am absolutely delighted to bring this project to you, and I am equally delighted that it's creators, Vanessa Calderon and Daniel Diosdado have trust in me to bring it to you.
They work with their creativity, compassion and class....

 Demotionact: is a technique I created in 2011.
"Acting through emotional dance on film....A three Dimensional actor.
The message is very powerful and positive.
We are developing a series of short films about social issues, about women.
Our next short will be about breast cancer and we are looking for sponsors interested in this type of project".
The first short film, is award-winning 3'30" DK selected all over the world.
SYNOPSIS – English
We give too much credit to the fact that someone watches us.
Actress and Choreographer Vanessa Calderon shows the journey that a performer goes through in 3’30” minutes to make the society turn its head in the right direction for a change.
The short film directed by Daniel Diosdado is a sharp and furious critic to hypocrisy and praise to vulnerability; those things that scare us and force us to make many mistakes.
   ..... Short film 3'30" DK  ~~ enjoy the film:: Here is 3'30' DK
....... "Change the world before the world changes you"

.....Thank you Pete for your support and generosity.
.........Vanessa Calderon and Daniel Diosdado
Follow, Nomada Films, here 

....more coming from this series here on StreetcredMusic.

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StreetcredMusic: This Generation Will Never.....Sinatra Centennial, 2015

This generation will never...
Get to see what mine did, the greatest performers of the day, in small venues. Venues that were designed so that every seat was comfortable with a good view of the stage. Venues where, when you walked in you were treated like a customer, an adult. Venues that did not 'price gouge'. Venues without 100 screaming paid actors standing in front of the stage, shouting throughout the show.

Video:: 1970's    Las Vegas 

Elvis, Sinatra, James Brown, The Stones, Basie, Ellington, Ella, Carole King, Judy Garland,
...The Rat Pack, Sammy Davis Jr, Billie Holiday.....and on and on.

Video::  1950's    New York City

No giant screens were needed, no oversize speakers, you saw the faces of the greatest artists, perhaps of all time.

Sinatra Centennial, is December 2015...more coming here.. 

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StreetcredMusic: 20 Cook Street, TheHiveNYC

I was at 20 Cook Street for this months edition of  Yula &The eXtended Family.
At TheHive the show was great, back to that later..

I always show up early and stay after the events I attend at the space, and that's what I want to tell you about. The operation of the Hive. The work 'behind the scenes'.
I want to take a minute to introduce you to the people who make the Hive the most comfortable, open, all inclusive Arts Space in NYC.

Jason Yellen: writer, poet, creator...
Yula has told me many times, without Jason, there would be no Hive.

Isaac Henry Gardner: musician, actor, lighting, visual artist, creator.

Brendan Schweda: artist, author, actor, creator.

So there you have just a platoon of the Hive's forces, they create....BUT just a minute...
The Hive is a building, that needs care above and beyond creating music, live stage, and all other events.....so let me tell you some of the OTHER things this platoon does.
...hang lighting, fix the air conditioner, arrange the stage, rearrange the stage, arrange the stage, rearrange the stage, sweep the floor, take out the trash, shop and pick up what's needed, wash dishes, greet the people, build sets, maintain the web site, get it?!?! ...they are dedicated to the survival of...

The show, it may have been the best XFM show I have seen, (or at least 2d best)
The band looked so comfortable with their music, which was a blend of new and some of Yuli's oldies with new arrangements, like 'Keep me Satisfied' and 'Magicals',. Her tunes are timeless.
....and the little personal JAMMM at the end with Yuli on bass, Shahar Mintz, guitar and Isaac Henry Gardner, drums, doing some of their favorite covers was a blast!!

Here is the XFM'x latest video::: "DOT X"

Yula &XFM

....The Hive is totally nonprofit:::Contribute here, Tax deductible

......Catch the next XFM Show, at 20 Cook Street:: HERE!

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StreetcredMusic; SheSaid~HeSaid, Sinatra 100 Years and Champian Fulton..'Day In Day Out'

Just a few months until we celebrate the centennial of 'The Chairman of the Board', Frank Sinatra.
....here's another of my 'HeSaid~~SheSaid' looks at the American Songbook.

The tune is, 'Day In Day Out' She Said it this way....

     Video:: Champian Fulton

  Champian Fulton, site

One of the most popular and hardest working women in JAZZZ> it seems she is working every night
world wide.....and one of the nicest!

Follow her FB page~~ HERE!


The Chairman had it his way::On a TV Special.

Video: Sinatra: 'Day In Day Out'

"Day In, Day Out" is a popular song with music by Rube Bloom and lyrics by Johnny Mercer and published in 1939.
According to Alec Wilder the song, 56 measures long, has a wonderful, soaring melodic line, free from pretentiousness, but full of passion and intensity which is superbly supported by the lyrics. Although the catch phrase "day in—day out" sounds like a dull routine, Mercer uses exotic images to contrast with the boring sound of the phrase.

**To see all the articles with the wonderful women doing the song book with Sinatra..
just type 'Sinatra' in the search box, front page of the blog. 

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StreetcredMusic: The Mastor, Ms. Castor..OpEd, What Are You Doing?

Plumbers think they are among the most important people in our lives. They have a point.
What would we do without clean water to drink, water to flush, water to wash with?
We just turn that 'magic' knob and voila!!

Electricians think they are very important to the world, they give us heat, light, and easy cooking options, all we have to do is plug into that 'magic' place to get the flow.

...and teachers, well they think they above all are most important, after all we intrust our children to them, so they can unlock all the 'magic' that comes from being a kid.

They are all correct in thinking they are a major cog in the wheel we call society. ..
And I'm sure they all realize that they are all in this together, plumbers need electricity, electricians need water, and they all learned their trades from teachers.

Musicians? songwriters? well jump in, (this society) see where the tide takes you.  The above occupations have several things you will never have. A steady pay check, health care, some kind of pension plan or 401K, and reasonable job security. Or, they can hang out a shingle and go on their own.

You as a music maker have only one option, go out on your own. Of course you can work for someone else, get a day gig, we know all that. (bills) But, how long to you have?
Are you still following the steps they gave you in music school? Nothing is the same as it was then, your phone, TV, the way we get music, communications as we know them have changed drastically, so has the music business.

The top five earners in music over the last two years (no names, uknow them) they are being blasted at you on all forms of media 24/7...well 65+% of their income has come from overseas gigs and 'merch'. What?
Yeah, your music is great, so what. Are YOU marketable? They have armies of writers producers and they will first look for a body that has appeal to their 'customers'. You know the people who just go to a concert for the status of being there. They want a show not only music, that's both the audience and the promoters.
Do you put on a show? Are you exotic, unique enough that I would buy something of yours?
How many people who can give you the opportunity to break out have you personally approached?

Fun room of Nikki Yanofsky

Or are you perfect?
You know those little “imperfections” you hear in someones voice when they’re getting choked up? We like to call them mistakes now and we edit them out. We recycle a lot of the same sounds.
This creates an almost Stepford Wives effect in music. Gone are the jagged edges. Those jagged edges provoke thought. Thought that could lead to a change of opinion. Thought that could melt a cold heart. Today, everything is perfectly mixed. Perfectly mastered. Perfectly edited. Perfectly subdued.
.....and you pay to have it done...
     ...Bye, Bye..

Twitter: Rita Castor

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StreetcredMusic: HeSaid~SheSaid, Sinatra 100 years, with Svetlana Shmulyian.

Just a few months until we celebrate the centennial of 'The Chairman of the Board', Frank Sinatra.
....here's another of my 'HeSaid~~SheSaid' looks at the American Songbook.

Here's Frank's version:  Enjoy, 'The Wee Small Hours of the Morning'

Sinatra and Judy Garland 1940's

Here is one of New York City's most popular Jazz/Swing vocalists Svetlana Shmulyian.

You can see her Monday Nights, in NYC at  The Back Room Speakeasy
                     Here is Svetlana and the Delancey Five with their version::
                                    Video: 'In The Wee Small Hours'

 "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning" is a 1955 popular song composed by David Mann, with lyrics by Bob Hilliard. It was introduced as the title track of Frank Sinatra's 1955 album In the Wee Small Hours.
 It was composed by Mann and Hilliard during a post-midnight session at Hilliard’s New Jersey home. Mann was about to depart for New York when Hilliard insisted he remain to try some impromptu songwriting. Mann reluctantly agreed and eventually came up with the tune, to which Hilliard quickly wrote a lyric.

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StreetcredMusic: Angel/Diva Update, Yula Beeri, Greta Panettieri

Two of my favorite people in Orion's Arm, have been very busy and have released some wonderful music these last few months, behold....
All this work has been done independently, outside the corporate structure of the music business.
....and it's a credit to not only their talent, but to their leadership and dedication, to getting their messages out, to our delight.

Yula Beeri

Aside from being founder and President of TheHiveNYC, a 24/7 commitment, she fronts 4 bands, has a CD in the works now for Yula & The eXtended Family. BUT, a previous CD, with Kiss Slash Crooked Smile, released a year ago, 'Ethereal Dance' is now being followed up with 'single' videos.

Yula, Stefano Baldasseroni, drums,  Asi Spector, guitar Kiss Slash Crooked Smile
Here are the two videos just released::  The title tune, 'Ethereal Dance'

 and just released a wonderful tune, 'This Is How I Learned To Lie To The People I Love'


>>so congrats to Yuli and all at TheHive creatorium!! Gonna be a great summer!
The Diva, Greta Panettieri on the heels of a Book/CD release of  'Under Control' and several videos from that CD...Greta and her 'bakers' ('Greta's Bakery') are celebrating a second printing of her CD
'Non Gioco Piu' a 21st Century interpretation of Mina classics.

The Diva, Greta Panettieri
Greta has been touring Italy, a stint in NYC, Barcelona, and will be at The Blue Note in Milano,
July 5th....with a new release..just out today Jule 3d! enjoy, 'C'est Irreparable'

In addition to all that accomplished as an independent, here are some other GREAT video releases of the last few months....  Here is, 'Brava'        Here is, 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'

These two wonderful artists are giving us so much music...you can see all their other projects on the links below::Support your 'indie' musicians.

Greta music page :: Greta here:

Yula, here..KSCS       and of course, here, TheHive

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