StreetcredMusic...This blog has followed a quote I heard many years ago..."Sometimes you must leap first, and build your wings on the way down". From nothing it has become a blog containing dozens of Indie artists. Follow me as I introduce you to them, from the place where they breed, New York City! ....and come with us as we document it on film!!


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StreetcredMusic: Fiddlers Three. Tania Vinokur, Lucine Fyelon, and Lisa Batiashvili.

Three of my favorite musicians, for your listening pleasure.
Three of the very best at what they do, spread love.

Tania Vinokur 
Tania Vinokur
Enjoy her video>   Times of Israel Gala


Lisa Batiashvili
Lisa Batiashivli
Enjoy her video> Concerto Pour Violon #1 by Chostakovitch


Lucine Fyelon 
Lucine Fyelon
Enjoy her video> (Don't be scared)

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StreetcredMusic: Pianos 4A Snowy Day: Cezara, Jazz Man, Champian & Jade

Happy whatever holiday you celebrate, and best wishes to all my Atheist friends. 
Here are some GR8, piano pieces for you from some of my friends....

From Romania: Cezara Lucia Vladescu 
 Enjoy: "Songs For Dodo"
From Atlanta, Ga. Joe Alterman 
 Enjoy: "Gaslight"  

From Houston, Tx. Jade Simmons 
 Enjoy: "Boss's Nova"


From Soonerville. Champian Fulton
 Enjoy: "Day In Day Out"



That's it for now. Have a great, safe winter.......
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StreetcredMusic: Photo of the Year: 2017. The Winner Is....

Here are the photos I have selected for 2017 to be in the running for "Photo of the Year"

I put them on a video roll.

Enjoy!!VIDEO: Best of 2017
The 2017 Winner is::: Amy Lynn
Amy Lynn
It was the first time I met Amy Lynn. Her show and her band were terrific. It was a crisp autumn night in New York City. What a great vocalist she is!

Enjoy this video from Amy Lynn & The Honey Men. VIDEO HERE

Here is the 2016 winner>>

The Original Pianowomen Tessa Djar Kayce Laine & Erin Pellnat
 Watch the #Pianowomen videos HERE::::3GR8 videos

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StreetcredMusic: A Review. 'Christmas With Champian' An Album by Champian Fulton.

A Christmas album, done to perfection. "Christmas With Champian" is now my holiday album.
Listening to it in October, with it's scheduled released to be November 3d, I am already in a holiday mood.
Champian's musical and vocal talents allow her to be intimate with the soft, tender Christmas classics and bright with a wintry swing on the upbeat holiday tunes.

Album intro~Video
  Usually I pick a song or two from an album to make the review concise, that's difficult here.
Let's start with the first tune White Christmas. Champian sweetly swings this all time classic to the degree it will stay in your head for hours, it did mine. From here on this is my 'go to' version of the tune.

The classic I'll Be Home For Christmas written for the troops in WWII, who belonged home in America, is done to a 'T'. Champian makes one think of all who should be with us but are not. And yet, it's done in a way more nostalgic than one of regret.

Champian's web site
I can not think of anyone today who does more to preserve the American classics than Champian.
As a musician and a vocalist, she takes the tunes of the masters and brings them to life today.
And she does it with such a grace and 'swing' it seems like she has been doing it since birth...
Oh wait, she has. (Ah haha)

Champian with Clark Terry, 1997.
Mel Torme, Bob Wells and Nat King Cole would stand and applaud the touch Champian puts on the evergreen they gave us, again during WWII, "The Christmas Song"

Two instrumentals on the work are "Christmas Time Is Here" and "A Child Is Born".
Both are terrific arrangements, featuring not only Champian, but, some exceptional horn work by Stephen Fulton, with Fukushi Tainaka, on drums and David Williams on bass.

I know all you jazz and Champian fans out there have the Christmas albums from Bing, Ella, Oscar P and Brubeck, right? So now you can add a glimmering new cosmopolitan take on the Christmas season.
Thirteen classics in all, a marvelous work. So "make your spirits bright" with Champian.

"Christmas With Champian" will add a very nice touch to that library. It will be available everywhere November 3d!

Follow: Champian: Web Site 
              Champian: Twitter

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StreetcredMusic: Crossover. Hip Hop/Classical/Jazz, Lucine Fyelon, Jade Simmons and Cezara Lucia Vladescu

>Not many make this all work. I am fortunate to know some of the inspirational women who do.

Classically trained and confident in their abilities, they step out. And boy do they make it work.
Everything they do with their music is enjoyable. Whatever your mood, somewhere in their compositions they will strike it. Enjoy!

Lucine Fyelon

Lucine comes from a family of classically trained musicians. Her mother is a concert pianist and father is a violinist. Lucine was 5 years old when she started playing the violin. At the age of 6 she got accepted into the most prestigious music school named after Tchaikovsky in Armenia.  Lucine won scholarships to attend Cal State Northridge majoring in violin performance and later received her Master's degree from UCLA as a double major in opera and violin performance.

Video:: Lucine: Be Alright
Lucine Fyelon: on Facebook
Jade Simmons

... is an American classical concert pianist, author, arts presenter, lecturer, and arts entrepreneur branded by the Washington Post as "A clear, powerful pianist with a magnetic personality...worth seeing any time." Simmons was crowned Miss Chicago and Miss Illinois in 1999 and was named first runner-up at the Miss America 2000 pageant.

Video:: Jade: Didn't You Know Beethoven Was Black

Jade Simmons web site

Cezara Lucia Vladescu

...Only eight years old, Cezara-Lucia Vlădescu was awarded with the Prize of the Romanian Musical Critics Union.
 Her concerts and recitals have brought her notable reviews in countries all across Europe, Brazil and America. Her activities also include innumerable radio recordings and CDs in Romania and Germany. 
In July 2012 she won the Public Prize at the Montreux Jazz Competition.
Her first Jazz CD “songs for dodo” including own solo works for piano was released in January 2013.

  ... Enjoy the 'Missing Link'  Video. Between Classic/Jazz/Rock, Cezara Lucia Vladescu EPA

Cezara Lucia: get her music HERE

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StreetcredMusic: KidsR The Future. Ivete Sangalo, Lara Fabian.

This crazy world can only be reset by the next generation. That's right the kids of today, are the answer.

Some of the worlds most popular women know that and they always give back.

Ivete Sangalo

       Enjoy: Video: Ivete and Voice Kids

Ivete Sangalo web site

The Mom's of the world, know it best.
Here is one of them...

Enjoy: Video. Lara Fabian and Fidan
  Fidan has become a regular at Lara's concerts..

Lara Fabian: Lara's web site
 So What are you doing for the kids?
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StreetcredMusic: Why I Left New York City, Pt 4. Kayce Laine

 A long time friend, and someone who I will really miss on my trips to NYC, Kayce Laine tells why she left. Unfortunately this list is growing fast. Unfortunately for me, I miss them all, but for them, I think they all have made a good move getting away from the non paying venues and the annul raises on the housing and living costs.
Kayce Laine: FB
  Kayce::It was really hard to summarize such a chaotic and intense time in my life.
I left for love: love lost and love gained. The decision to leave was easy: 
I spent four magical weeks in Nashville working on a record with a new producer and consequently fell in love with him and the city. 
A few weeks prior to that, my best friend kicked me out of my apartment so she could live there with her new husband and I found myself in a city I could no longer afford: After hearing the news that I had to suddenly leave my (relatively) cheap room in Williamsburg, it didn't take me long to realize that everything was completely out of my range. 
Playing in multiple bands, teaching private music lessons, and doing random jobs on the side would no longer be able to support me.
Like I said, the decision to leave was easy and I spent the last few months crashing in a friend's spare room (aka the hallway of her railroad apartment) soaking in every minute of the city that I could. It was funny though, I started seeing the city with disillusioned eyes once I knew I was leaving. 
Don't get me wrong, the city is beautiful and full of amazing people and magic. But once I knew I was leaving, I started to fully recognize and acknowledge all the things I wouldn't miss. 
Not to mention, my beloved neighborhood was changing, and not for the better. My favorite bars, restaurants and shops were closing down one by one because of rent increases. Cameo Gallery, a hip bar/restaurant/venue at which I played shows frequently, closed exactly one month before I left town. I took that as a big sign that my time was closing too. It gave me peace. 

Creatively, I was thriving though and I was playing fun shows with my band fairly regularly. I was sad to be leaving them but knew that Nashville held new creative opportunities for me and I was ready to see what waited for me there. On January 1, 2016, I packed up my things, put them in a minivan, drove from Brooklyn to Nashville, and never looked back. 

I was done with NYC before it was done with me. 
Here is some of the work we did together: Video>Kayce Laine "Echo"
My birthday, Kayce did a set.
 Thanks Kayce!!!!
 See Parts 1,2,3  HERE see all
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StreetcredMusic: Natalie Gelman, "Some People" are so poor, all they have is money.

This week the Sun and the Moon got together. A rare event.
Natalie Gelman and Me got together too, just as rare.
When I'm in NYC, she is in California, when she is in NYC, I'm in Vegas.
I finally got to see her live at The Hootenanny House, In Illinois
It was an acoustic house concert, part of her cross country tour.
It was a wonderful evening. Her music is from her heart and her experiences.
And it all comes through with love. 
Her new album will be completed in a few weeks.
I put together some video from my phone at the show, please enjoy.
Natalie Gelman