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StreetcredMusic; A Great Opportunity From: SceneSoundsmvpd

My songstresses, and Joe Alterman, you all know me...and in my seven years of supporting you all, I have NEVER, EVER, NEVER promoted anything that required a submission or a fee.
Until now, and I know it is a one of a kind opportunity for you guys, so let me splain it to you.

My friend Daniel Diosdado, CEO of Nomada Films came up with a great project. (since I got him hooked of Music Videos, Ha!)

It will be open for submissions in a few weeks.

Here's the deal; You submit an original tune, you submit $45. I'm not sure if you can submit more than one?? A song will be selected at random, the drawing will be public and videoed.
If your song is selected Daniel and his amazing lighting and sound crew (I know I have worked with them) will make a complete music video for you.
Daniel is an award winning director with motion picture talent, and he is a perfectionist. No detail will go 'on the cheap'.

There will be 3 events, the announcement of the submissions, the drawing, and a release of the video to the world, and of course Streetcred will shoot it out globally for you.

Below are two videos from Daniel and Nomada films, have a look!!

Video Pianowomen June 2016 Kayce Laine
Video Vanessa Calderon 3'30 DKDENCIA

...Streetcred, Vanessa and Daniel
           .....Event on twitter:: HERE!

Thanks for checking this out!!!!
    ....Call me if you need more info:

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StreetcredMusic: Review, New Album From Tessa Makes Love

 When I first met Tessa Lena she told me she described herself as an 'experimental artist'
Well I think the experiment is over. She now is recognized as the #1 speaker of truth and projector of sanity, and a protector of our humanity over technology.

Humanity, she actually answers her phone!
 One hears artist say time and time again, "I made this album to get my message out, to spread the word". Then you hear songs of break ups and failures, and cats.
Tessa worked very hard and furiously on this album, to make sure the message that everyone needs to hear today, hits home, and it does.

I'm pleased to tell you two of her classic are included, 'Baby Robots, Come To Mama' and 'Soul Eaters' along with some remarkably 'sane' tunes like 'House of Stupid' and 'Before The Music Stolen'...and a dozen more to help you get through the crisis of 2017.

Tessa Lena, get the album HERE
  "Robots are people who live mechanically, without acknowledging their spirit, or the spirit of others. Also, literal robots brought upon by Taylorism and the like"
Tessa: Man-Eating Machine
The driving and haunting melodies Tessa writes along with her vocal range from bottom of the staff to above it, give each and every tune it's own identity. The album is a fast moving look at who we are today, and gives us a vision, (if we are willing to embrace it) of what we have become.

Sanity and a Bravo!! for 'Tessa Fights Robots'

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!!you can hear a sneak preview of the entire album!! Thursday, March 16th, 

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StreetcredMusic: 'The Flight' By Jade Simmons

Lillette's Rhythm Club fits not only in black history, but American history. The club/hotel/casino was established in 1945, in Reno, Sparks, Nevada. Making it the first such venue owned and operated by African-Americans...Lillette Jenkins and husband Bud Harris.

 A new musical titled "Lillette's Rhythm Club, Then and Now" is coming to the stage soon.
It will feature another woman of color who has shattered barriers in her own generation,
Jade Simmons.
 ...The first 'single' from the score of the show was given to Streetcred, by Jade, this week.

Lillette had her own 'jazzed up' version of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee" and for this show Jade Simmons the Maestra of piano rhythms will introduce her 21st Century version. "The Flight" .. it's four and a half minutes of excitement.

Whenever I listen to Jade Simmons it seems like she is using all 88 keys, of course she is not.
However, she keeps the original 'bees' under control and adds a touch of her own honey, and keeps a strong bottom sound going, to create a possible show stopper for the musical.

 ITunes, You can get: 'The Flight' HERE

Here is a trailer for the up coming musical: 'Lillette's Rhythm Club' 

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