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Songstress, Clara Lofaro

Clara Lofaro
After several months of trying to "catch" Clara Lofaro live, with our schedules not matching up and a blizzard in New York City a while back, I caught her last night at Caffe Vivaldi. Trying to catch her is no easy task, she told me last night she finished in the top ten percent of the NYC Woman's 1/2 Marathon a few weeks ago...that's 13 miles people, in a city with four million women. Not bad for someone who is balancing that with composing and writing lyrics for herself and others and TV shows, while recording and performing live.
When this beautiful, petite young lady sat down at the Grand Piano they have at Vivaldi, I realized something that I have been talking about all my life.

Ever since I can remember when people asked me what kind of music I liked best, I would always say..."women who sing from the gut". Clara does that and lots more. At times she pounded those keys with so much emotion and at other times she just caressed them with love. Her lyrics are mesmerizing, weather singing A capella or while at the keys she drew her audience in like a spiders web, trapping them to be at her command, and they did not mind it a bit.

I was absolutely floored by the lyrics she puts together song after song. Reminiscent of  Carly Simon,
lyrics that are "today" that young and old can relate to. And words that make you say, man, she is so right,
and you look at her youth and you say, where did she experience all that?

She performed as a duo last night with bassist extraordinaire Jeff Jackson, who also blended in some great background vocals.

The Caffe was packed, but all eyes and ears were on Clara. Up tunes, ballads we got to hear a great mix of Miss Lofaro's songbook. She explained how each song came to be, most were based on her own experiences, but with her ability to translate them to music they all seem to come out as universal words we could all identify with, she is an amazing writer.

Some of the tunes that hit home with me tonight were "Wrinkled $" a driving melody about holding on to you innocents, and "Trouble"... a sassy, sexy number that Clara teases her audience with, is a winner.
And the one that hit me like bolt of lightning was "Daddy's Song" it was the closing number.
The audience asked for a ballad and they got a classic. You could literally hear a pin drop as she finished with this beautiful song about her dad and how one realizes as one grows older to try to understand, what your dad is feeling. I'll be hitting the replay on this one for a few weeks.

All of the above are on Clara's newest CD titled as it should be "Clara Lofaro"

    Clara told me she loves helping people, it makes her feel good. She is involved with relief for Japan and other great causes, but I hope she realizes that every time she sits down at her piano, she makes people feel good!
Clara was the voice of Super Bowl commercials, remember, "When You Wish Upon A Star" ...and just recently ABC TV picked up "I Can't Go On" a tune written by Clara and  Edgard Jaude to use on the network programs.
                              Thank you Clara for your beautiful music!!

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