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"Melancholy Lullaby" Classic Jazz, from Solitaire Miles

"Melancholy Lullaby", by Solitaire Miles
...From Chicago, where else for classic jazz, comes a new release,  from vocalist and Jazz Historian
Solitaire Miles... "Melancholy Lullaby"

 The official release will be September 21st in Chicago at the Jazz Showcase. 

 "I’ve spent most of my life listening to old swing and early jazz so this album is a compilation of popular American standards and some are abandoned melodies that I felt needed to be resurrected and restored. People ask me why I like to record older or more uncommon tunes and I’m not sure. Maybe it’s the antiquated lyrics or that they’re not performed very often,
but I hope that I’ve been able to breathe some life back into these overlooked moments of the past. I think of myself as a music historian as well as a performer and so I’m very pleased to present a new recording from the late swing violinist Johnny Frigo and his accompanist and long time friend Joe Vito."...Solitaire Miles.

You can pre purchase it here now!

I will have a live review as well as the CD review...stay tuned.
by Pete Carma, follow Pete..

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