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Sarah Manning's, "Dandelion Clock"

Sarah Manning, a new and very exciting artist on the jazz scene. She's bold and inventive, and she will give you a "Master Class" with this new album, "Dandelion Clock"

I started this blog to promote young artists of the 21st Century who are "keeping the music alive".
I just hit the jackpot again!! Sarah Manning is a young lady who has the poise and skill of a seasoned jazz vet.
She is as dedicated and as involved in the genre as anyone. She respects it and delivers with an intelligent take
and a great album loaded with her original charts.

Dandelion Clock is the work; and it is a good one.

"The Peacocks" a cut that Sarah controls from start to finish. She makes the Sax talk, if the instrument truly were vocalizing, it would be a Carmen Mcrae like mellow but sassy, top to bottom phrasing, with clarity
and precession. A terrific piano riff comes through in the middle of the tune. A very nice chart.

"Phoenix Song" with breathless riffs and an intelligent melodic line, I really had to pay attention on this wonderful tune, there is lots going on.  For me this tune was reminiscent of the progressive sounds of decades ago, with a brand new spin. Sarah seems to be exploring and creating something new, with a refreshing confidence here. Pay attention on this one, if you are an old fogy of jazz, like me, you will love it.

"Windmills of Your Mind" the classic melody by Michel Legrand gets a workout by Sarah on this album too. She takes the classic tune for a ride into the Stratosphere, circles the Earth and returns it just as Legrand wrote it  Both are picked up by the Mother Ship and all is well again.

"Dandelion Clock" the number of puffs it takes to blow away all the filamentos of a Dandelion will tell you the hour, you remember that from your childhood? The title tune will paint a picture of that for you, it's light at times and there are passages when you can just imagine the flower flowing and then wilting. This is another terrific piece. What a great new addition this album is to my Ipod!
.....can't wait to see her live soon, stay tuned!

Sarah Manning will be at;  Tanglewood Jazz Festival, Sept. 3d,  2011

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Sarah's site; 

by Pete Carma, follow Pete

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