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Clara Lofaro, StreetcredMusic, & Erika Van Pelt, Give Birth To 'Hurricane'

Clara Lofaro, at an amazingly young age, has a songbook under her belt that is unmatched by other Indie Artists I know. She writes from her heart, about life. She has a natural ability to take her feelings, emotions and experiences and put a melody and a lyric together with them, to leave the listener saying "yea, cool, been there done that".

 Clara Lofaro
 I'm 40+ years her senior, and her songs still send arrows through my heart, and mind.
Some day when she has a minute, I would love to put that 'song book' of her universal lyrics together.

OK, you got all that?
Then you can imagine how much of a treat it was for me (and it was her idea) when she decided to write a song for my movie, StreetcredMusic, the doc film

The song is 'Hurricane'. Here she is composing it in an apartment/studio, in Brooklyn, April 2012, as I sat just off camera, loving it.

Enjoy this::Video Clip, from StreetcredMusic

Long story short, speed up to November 2013...American Idol Finalist, the amazing Erika Van Pelt
has taken 'Hurricane' for her great new CD, 'My Independence' along with 'I Choose You', 'Listen Learn, Then Delete', and 'I Want More' all from Lofaro's stash of tunes.

Here's Erika's video of:: 'HURRICANE'

Erika Van Pelt
So, lucky me, being around from the time 'Hurricane' was conceived, to seeing a wonderful artist like Erika, record it, and of course I'll share the finale with you, when Clara herself sings it on screen, just minutes after she finished writing it, in that apartment/studio in Brooklyn.

'Hurricane' was co written with:: Craig Wilson
                                                        and David Browning

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