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StreetcredMusic: A Review. 'Christmas With Champian' An Album by Champian Fulton.

A Christmas album, done to perfection. "Christmas With Champian" is now my holiday album.
Listening to it in October, with it's scheduled released to be November 3d, I am already in a holiday mood.
Champian's musical and vocal talents allow her to be intimate with the soft, tender Christmas classics and bright with a wintry swing on the upbeat holiday tunes.

Album intro~Video
  Usually I pick a song or two from an album to make the review concise, that's difficult here.
Let's start with the first tune White Christmas. Champian sweetly swings this all time classic to the degree it will stay in your head for hours, it did mine. From here on this is my 'go to' version of the tune.

The classic I'll Be Home For Christmas written for the troops in WWII, who belonged home in America, is done to a 'T'. Champian makes one think of all who should be with us but are not. And yet, it's done in a way more nostalgic than one of regret.

Champian's web site
I can not think of anyone today who does more to preserve the American classics than Champian.
As a musician and a vocalist, she takes the tunes of the masters and brings them to life today.
And she does it with such a grace and 'swing' it seems like she has been doing it since birth...
Oh wait, she has. (Ah haha)

Champian with Clark Terry, 1997.
Mel Torme, Bob Wells and Nat King Cole would stand and applaud the touch Champian puts on the evergreen they gave us, again during WWII, "The Christmas Song"

Two instrumentals on the work are "Christmas Time Is Here" and "A Child Is Born".
Both are terrific arrangements, featuring not only Champian, but, some exceptional horn work by Stephen Fulton, with Fukushi Tainaka, on drums and David Williams on bass.

I know all you jazz and Champian fans out there have the Christmas albums from Bing, Ella, Oscar P and Brubeck, right? So now you can add a glimmering new cosmopolitan take on the Christmas season.
Thirteen classics in all, a marvelous work. So "make your spirits bright" with Champian.

"Christmas With Champian" will add a very nice touch to that library. It will be available everywhere November 3d!

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