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'Under Control' From Greta's Bakery.

Greta's Bakery, has produced their second album. This project is a totally independent one. Co produced by Andrea Sammartino, and Los Angeles California's noted producer Larry Williams, who also lends his talents to the tune 'My Angel' on this work, with a wonderful sax solo to the vocal magic of Greta Panettieri.

Miss Panettieri is the vocalist, as she was on Greta's Bakery's first album from 2010, 'The Edge of Everything' (DECCA). The group was based in New York City in 2010, now they work out of Rome, Italy. And will be putting together a tour of Europe this summer.

A 'labor of love' is how Greta expressed her feeling to me about this new project. Also joining the Bakery is Curtis King Jr. of the E Street Band. Greta and Curtis team up on 'Lover', the opening tune on the album an R&B tune, where both their range and velvet tones are matched to perfection.

 Greta's Bakery
The album is a delight, a mix of R&B, Blues and of course when Greta is involved, some jazz and her amazing scatting ability.

'Guessing and Surmising' and the title tune 'Under Control' display the top to bottom range that Greta is known for. Perfect intonation, scatting that makes sense and never looses the listener, and her amazing improvisational skills make this album a music lover's choice.

'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' the Michael Jackson tune, is taken on here by Greta. She inhabits it, puts a feminine touch on it, with the tenderness only she can deliver both vocally and emotionally. I'm not crazy about 'cover' tunes but this is special, a wonderful tribute to MJ, he would love it.
 Here is the brilliant video::'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'

 All in all this will be a great addition to your music library, it's done to perfection.

Also contributing on this project::
Andrea Sammartino: Piano, Synths, Co/Producer & Sound Engineer
Larry Williams: Tenor Saxophone, Co/Producer
Curtis King Jr.: Vocals
Daniele Mencarelli: Bass, except 'Under Control' by Fabio Capone
Stefano Tamborrino, Armando Sciommeri, J.J.Telly: drums,
Nicola Costa, Piero Masciarelli, Marco Acquarelli, Pierluca Taranta: guitars
Neney Santos: percussions
Paolo Innarella: flute
Giorgio Granieri: trumpet and flughorn
Michele Tremamunno, Andrea Rellini, Joele e Lara Micelli: strings

Both 'Under Control' and 'The Edge of Everything' are available on ITunes and HERE

By...Pete Carma    and   StreetcredMusic

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