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StreetcredMusic, Pete Carma...The Revelation Of 2010

I fell in love with Annabelle 'Annie' Ross, of  'Lambert, Hendricks & Ross' in 1958. Seeing  her perform in New York City, on TV and at The Newport Jazz Festival in 1959, she was my all time favorite woman in jazz. Her lead trumpet like solos and her amazing range and timing were what captured me.....and she always looked like she was having FUN!

Here's a video:: Enjoy Annie and some friends!

I got to meet her in 2008, and spent some time with her, and she just reinforced all I saw in her.
Charming, friendly, open and just a joy to reminisce with, about the days of JAZZ in NYC!

The Amazing Annie Ross

Then in 2010, just a few short steps from where I use to see Annie and all the greats of the Golden Age of Jazz, on the lower east side of New York City fifty years earlier...I stopped in to see a young woman who had impressed me from what I saw of her on line....I had some friends in town from Vegas, California and Atlantic City, and I literally dragged them to see her.

...and to coin a really 'corny' phrase, my life a result of that show, and chatting  with Greta Panettieri I started this blog and all the other great things that have happened with this blog....

...and Greta Panettieri took over not only as my all time favorite woman in jazz, but we became friends and worked together, and I have learned soooo much from her...

Here's what Greta can do::  Enjoy: 'Smoke From Incense'

I have nicknamed her "The Diva'
 ........she is the most fun loving, caring person, always having FUN on stage too...
.........she has me continually asking myself:: how can I have so much fun with her and be soooo much in awe of her talents. 'The Diva'..xo

Greta has released two albums this year:  'Under Control'  and 'Non Gioco Piu'
Her band is Greta's Bakery::

                     you can see all of her great music here~~~~ Greta's Music

 Here's one more video from the album 'Under Control' a live take from a show we did in NYC...

The title tune::: Enjoy Greta, with Sandro Albert @The Bitter End

Greta now lives in Rome, but she visits us at least once a year, follow me and you'll know when she is in NYC:: Pete Carma

My facebook page:: Pete Carma FB

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