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StreetcredMusic, Pete Carma...My 2cents Part lll 'Stayin' Alive'

   Part lll. 'Stayin' Alive'.
With the attention span of Americans now about 20 seconds, you indie musicians better take note. Pardon the pun.
If you come on stage with a raggedy ass band, who think they are doing the audience a favor by showing up, you're done from jump street. If you have a crack in your armor, failure will seek it out and destroy you, for that gig anyway.

"Thanks to all who came out to my show last night"...On facebook, won't cut it, either.

I know I'm probably beating a dead horse here, but I feel if I did not say anything, I will be contributing to this 'problem'~ 'trend'~ 'epidemic', call it whatever.

I have sat with Fred Ebb, Liza Minelli, and Burt Bacharach, (he's weird, like really weird) and watched them put staged musical numbers together. I know, I know, they have resources far beyond the indie artists in Greenwich Village.  BUT~~~~
The young artist has their feet, their mouth, their instrument, their wardrobe, their music, and the people on stage with them. They are YOUR resources! Use them!!

Why is MaryC consistently able to electrify audiences from the stage...Yeah, she has a stage presents beyond the norm, and her mom would kick her butt if she gave a poor showing, but she also does it with leadership and organization. Why is she able to have a cover at all her shows and still pack em in??  Watch this video:: no slackers!    'MaryC medley'

....everyone on that stage has a mission:: Entertain, and support the lead!!
...They are not there to play some chords and have a beer sitting on the piano.

MaryC and the Stellars

Getting back To Ebb, Liza etal....I remember once Donna Summer was sound checking, it was a tour gig in NYC and her musicians were new, as they sound checked she walked the front of the stage and looked at what the audience would see...prior to the sound check she told them all to perform as if it were show time. She had a mic in her hand so all could hear her, she stopped the band, and said to the drummer.."do you know I have 3 tunes in the top 40 now'...she said, "the audience made that happen, they are coming here to be entertained, so get with it".

They are all superstars and paid attention to every detail on the stage, and so should YOU!
Little League baseball or major league, the goal is the same do all you can to play together and put your best effort out there.
Remember, yeah you have a degree in music, continuing rehearse you write, compose,
but don't forget you are in the entertainment business.'s another example of engaging the audience with your music, a personal touch, and everyone on the same page!!
                           Video, Enjoy::Yula&TheXFM

Yula and the eXtended Family
I also know some of you don't pay your band guys have a tough sell, to get them motivated...But if you do, get them in line.

I realized I picked two of the very best out there, to use as examples MaryC and Yula Beeri
........but you can catch up!!

                                                                    Stay Alive

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