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'Pictures of Us'...The Follow up CD by Kosi

Can a person be bold and polite? Can their music supersede what traditional blues emanate, and go deeper, with universal appeal.  

Yeah...Kosi can. This wonderfully unique young woman, is for 'my2cents' the best new indie artist I have heard in my four years of supporting artists with my blog.

I recognized her previous CD, 'One More Cup Of Coffee' as the best new CD of 2013.

I spoke with her about the follow up: 'Pictures Of Us' ...Enjoy~~
Video  Kosi interview::


'Pictures of Us' has everything JAZZZZ is about. From the opening tune, 'Wild Is The Wind'  which features the sexy flugelhorn passages of  Angeleisha Rodgers, and the vocal story telling of Kosi.

'Star Crossed Lovers'  is an astrological trip on Kosi's vocal magic, kept above the stratosphere by the guitar of Aron Marchak and bass bottom of Julian Smith.


"Times I made you cry....times you made me hate you....times I'd wonder why
we kept these pictures of the past...these cocktails in a broken glass".....
That's the up tempo title tune...'Pictures Of Us' ...

'Your Angel' is the show stopper for me. Only thing I can say about it is, there is no doubt this song was written from deep in Kosi's heart and she sings it from deep in her gut. Wonderful tune!

Kosi at StreetcredMusic, Chicago.
'Hoboken Blues' is just what it says....Kosi and the band kick you in the chest and stomp some badass blues shit in your face.....a great change of pace that shows the diversity of this work.

Ten songs in all, and all WORK! >>


We chatted about a tune that hooked me from her previous CD::VIDEO: 'The Last Shot'

Love her, Love this album!!!
It's available Here on line

Kosi:: In Boston:: You can now find 'Pictures of Us' in:
Cheapo Records~~In Your Ear records~~Store 54~~Weirdo Records~~Newbury Comics
In Chicago at:: Reckless, 2 stores.

Show some her facebook page HERE

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