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Kalen , "Rabid Girl" by Pete Carma

Kalin Lister "Rabid Girl"
The latest cut from Kalen
is "Rabid Girl".
From my point of view it is the perfect piece for her multi-faceted
The tune is a "blow the top off" number which I think crosses to all
contemporary genre. A strong back beat, almost a Latin Jazz sound, then  Kalen paints us a picture of what those of us who have lived in Manhattan have all seen before with her brilliant lyrics...
"Delancey liquor store, refuse to serve her more...cops are on the way, she's a regular they say" all this, throw in a funky riff, and some blues just for color and a Big Apple story and you have a great tune by a singer who can smoothly slide from one to the other...that's "Rabid Girl".
Kalen tells me it will be released as a single and a video soon.

listen to it here...

Kalen is originally from New Hampshire, a grad from Pennsylvania U.
Now of course living in the Garden Spot of the world Brooklyn USA.
Her previous CD, Honky Tonk Hip Hop, rocks too.

Baby Boy, the first cut again shows Kalen's lyrical genius...
"How did you get so close to me...I don't remember giving you a key"...Baby Boy.

Heart And Soul, another a smooth, bluesy, jazz harmony tune where Kalen lays it all on us,
her range and ability to set a mood win you over on this one.
Some real good what I call,  "young lady blues" which means a talented young artist who can whale the blues like a veteran. She will give you on this tune her "Heart and Soul".

The CD is a showcase of her piano and vocal skills. I highly recommend it.
All songs were written and performed by Kalen. Produced by, Phillip Carroll.

All in all this lady's music is highly contagious, and could lead to addiction...You have been warned!

Kalen's "Rabid Girl" can be downloaded now, ITunes;  paste this link to ITunes.

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