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Jason Yeager Trio, "Ruminations"

"The tunes on this album are elaborated through improvisation into fuller compositions, taking on new and distinct characteristics as the trio continues to develop its musical language".
                                                  Jason Yeager ...

 I first heard Jason Yeager on Emily Wolf's "Nevermine", he now has this wonderful CD..............
I have two ear marks I like to apply to trios, one they must sound like more then a trio, and they do.
Two they must share the spotlight and they do. Blending together is a must of course, and again they do.

The Jason Yeager Trio; Jason Yeager, piano, Tal Gamlieli, bass, and Michael Gleichman, drums.

I am not one who uses comparisons to more established artists, but here I must say the Modern Jazz Quartet comes to mind, in that there are some totally new concepts here.

Especially with "Zen Chant". If you like chords coming from all angles and rhythm variations you will love this tune. The bass work of Tal Gamlieli takes you from an almost Tibetan "tweek" to a more traditional
riff to get back to the chords of Jason Yeager's keys. And then a "Zen" like run to conclude a piece that I found to be excellent "jazz for the brain".

The deeper I got into this album, the more I realized this was a case of today's artists keeping the music alive.
Respecting the genre and taking it into the 21st century. Wonderful work!

"Inner Journey" took me back to the progressive jazz era, when guest vocalist Aubrey Johnson
spread her range and vibrato on me, in a Yeager composition. Miss Johnson seems to just reach in and
take the group to a place where she is the guiding force.

"In Pursuit"a piece featuring Yeager is another wonderfully done number that is for the jazz hearted.
More great rhythms that work on you throughout the piece.Yeager is smooth, clean and inventive and this tune will show he is a talent to be heard from.

Trio; Jason Yeager, Michael Gleichman, Tal Gamlieli

The final cut on Ruminations is "Lullaby For A Better World"...A composition of Yeager's that includes strings. Beautifully done! The tune has the strings lead you in to a moving piano riff, and a mix of the two create a sound of just what the title implies, a better world. Piano and cello...a great sound and when the genre is jazz, so much the better. This is the evidence that Yeager is a force on the rise in composition too.
(the strings; Rose Drucker, Marjorie Gere, violins,  Betsy Hinkle, viola and Catherine Bent , cello)

Nine cuts on the CD, all are unique and jazzzz top to bottom.

I asked Jason the two questions I ask everyone;
If you were leaving the planet and could take only one album with you, which would you take?
Jason;  "Speak No Evil" by Wayne Shorter.

If you could play with anyone, who would it be?
Jason; Roy Haynes.

Jason Yeager Trio will be at;   July 16th Amazing Things Arts Center,
                                                                 Framingham, Mass.

by Pete Cataldo follow Pete


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