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Artists in New York City, Part 1... Emily Wolf

This blog was set up by me to encourage and help in any way I could, young artists.
No genre was excluded except Rap, because I simply don't like the negativity of it.

After all my years (67) I began to notice the lack of consistency, quality, and respect for the artist who blazed trails, and opened doors for the “stars” of today.
Don't misinterpret the above, there are many brilliant musicians, singer/songwriters,
working hard today, leaving a huge mark, making a fortune and doing it with class.

For every one of them, there are many, many others just as talented, working just as hard,
producing some wonderful music. These are the ones I would like to expose you to. a series of articles I will do just that. Every few weeks I'll have a conversation with one of them and I'll share it with you. We'll kick this off with .....

Emily Wolf ;   
Here is my original review of her, back in March.

Q; Emily is from the UK by way of Boston, I asked how she was adjusting to NYC,
and compare it to other cities.

A; “Life in NYC”- I've just been here a few months, and discovered the great thing in NYC is that anything will happen if you let it- you can go out one evening and meet great people, new places, or a whole new scene you didn't know existed.  Forgetting what time it is and never having to worry about what times the trains finish is a huge plus, and makes me question if I could live anywhere else...

Q; Do you get back to England much?

A; “The UK”, I get back to the UK about once a year.  It feels like more because I also get to meet up with my family when they come to the US.  It always surprises people when they find out I'm a dual citizen because I have such a strong English accent, but my parents grew up in the States, so we meet up every year here too!
CD, "Nevermine"

      Q; Your competition around the city, is plentiful, have you seen anyone recently that impressed you?

      A; Singers in NYC are varied and interesting.  I have randomly stumbled across some great ones, for example Kay Lyra, a great Brazilian singer who was playing after me at Caffe Vivaldi.  I had never heard of her but was really impressed by her tone and feel.  Generally the city is so full of talent- so it's hard for people to make a mark, but it's great because you can always hear people who really know what they're doing, and there's something for everyone, as well as some really cutting edge stuff.

    Q; Do you prefer the classic jazz you do so well, or other genre?

A; Classic Jazz... I see Classic Jazz as an essential template for anyone who wants to become an educated and ultimately progressive Jazz musician.  If you don't know where you've come from, how can you know where you're going?  It's important to identify and absorb it so that you can later make an informed decision about how much of it you want to use.  It is a little arrogant to assume you know better than the "Greats", and you also have to take into account what your audience wants to listen to on a night off from work, and their life; nine times out of ten, they won't object to something smooth, swinging and feel-good!
Emily Wolf, CD "Nevermine"
...Other styles' that I am into are R&B, Soul, Latin, Blues, and Baroque music which I feel is intrinsically linked to Bebop.  As many have said before, Bach was the first "jazz man".

Q; What are you involved in now, are you keeping busy?

A; New Projects-  Right now I am writing more, with the aim of recording a full length album within the next year consisting of my own writing and arrangements.  My tunes are becoming part Pop, part Bebop, part Jazz standard as far as I can see, and I'm trying to extend my ideas and really say what I mean.   However I continue to explore Jazz rep, and other tunes that interest me.   I have regular gigs with my awesome Trio in NYC and although I went to school for Jazz I am not done learning! I continue to study Piano and Theory, to keep my brain ticking and my skills growing...

See Emily @  Caffe Vivaldi, NYC, June 18, and LIC Bar, Long Island City, July 25.


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