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Vividly Dim, EP "Quicksand"

Vividly Dim, EP "Quicksand"
Vividly Dim, an emerging young group that I would like to put you on to...

Once again I found this great young group of talented and unique musicians when I showed up early to review other artists. That is what makes NYC the music capitol of the world. Yes I know there are other cities where there is a lot more recording going on, but neighborhood by neighborhood and for diversity Da Apple is #1.

Their EP is "Quicksand".

Weather it's the soulful seductive sounds of lead singer Chasidy Ryan, blending with the cool but unconventional guitar sounds provided by Joni Stephens, on "Tell Me I'm Wrong"...or...

the more Pop/Punk beat of the final cut "End Of Time", it is evident to me that this mix of young musicians has the potential to produce some profound
sounds, and make their mark on the New York music scene.

The group: Chasidy Ryan, Vocals/writer  .. Joni Stevens, Guitar  .. Donni Lee, bass and 
Ashley Jayde,  drums/percussion.

Here's a bit about them, and another story we love telling about the young artists that work hard to give us all some great music:

Chasidy;  born in Bushwick, Brooklyn, raised in Ridgewood, Queens, her influences were Sade and Janet Jackson.
Ashley;  also raised in Ridgewood, said "Sheila E made me pick up the drums, I love her" 
Donni;  raised in "DUMBO" that's downtown Brooklyn, and was influenced by Kittie and "A Perfect Circle"
Joni;  born in Nicaragua and raised in South Jamaica, Queens, was influenced by Nirvana and The Ramones.

Knowing it would be a difficult question to answer I asked .."what genre are you guys?"
Joni, "man, we've been trying to figure that one out for a while"
Chasidy, "bookers call us "Post Punk", and she's cool with that".
Ashley; "we don't fit any genre, we are not trying to start a movement, we just want to be heard".
Donni; "you can label us whatever you want, we just want to play, and if you dig us, even better".

I say get out and see them, you be the judge and you won't be disappointed!!

They will be @  National Underground, June 10th
                          Goodbye Blue Monday, July 1st
                          Sullivan Hall, July 26th and
                         "The Rew & Who Show" (via ustream) on 7/27.


by Pete Cataldo, follow Pete..

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