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Jennifer Graham, Songstress Extraordinaire of the first ladies of song I was introduced to here in Chicago was, Jennifer Graham.
...Jazz, R&B are her game...

Jennifer Graham
Her style is unique, her voice is amazing, her presence on stage...'Diva like' in the best possible way!

Whether it's a smooth slow rendition of  'Body and Soul' or an up beat tune like 'Good Enough'  this wonderful creator of music has my ear!

Here is some Jennifer for your ears...'Good Enough'

I had a chat with her recently, enjoy:

I asked Jennifer the two questions I ask everyone:
1. If you were leaving the planet and could take only one album with you, which would you take?

 If I could take one album with me it would have to be a Billie Holiday album, I think. Because from Billy I could always find something new and exciting in the way she tells a story. I also know that we always said that she really never sings a song twice the same way, so I get the most from it when I'm listening to her... with a really great trio behind her, that she can pull expression from in her interpretation of the song.

2. If you could perform with anyone, who would it be?

 If I could perform with anyone it would be pianist Monte Alexander. I love the way he plays the piano. Some Caribbean, some classical but all beautiful. I really think he could bring the best out of me with any tune.

Jennifer has 3 CD's. .....I'm looking forward to seeing  her at this event October 10th!

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