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The CD, 'The Poetics', the artist Gio Sgarlata

Art meets music? Perhaps, but I think, life meets music, may be a better phrase to describe this diversity of music and lyrics by Gio Sgarlata.

 I hear in Gio's voice a modern day poet, who, is expressing herself with a strength... That strength seems to come from the experience of life, the words are both universal and incisive.

Musically this CD is diverse.
some of the cuts:   'Leavin My Addiction'  a kinda bluesy, rock, semi funky tune.
"gonna ride that superhighway, get closer to Elvis"...."If I could find a guru, maybe a Jesus or a Ghandi, for certain I would pull through, don't really want to"

"Window Cat"  I love this one! Gio takes a situation we have all faced, and puts it to a melodic line that hits you just right.
"Well I'm scramblin' on the ground like a cat who fell from a window~Bent on survival~Wonderin' which way to go." "The quickest way to escape is right out through that door."
"Well I rather be a mule in the desert, than a carpet beneath your feet."

"Wished I Had A Baby"  ...another cool tune. It's kind of a 'twangy' country sound.
But again, it's truly poetry put to music. The line here that gets me is..."I wished I had sweetheart, I wished I had someone to hold my hand, and make me no demand."
.....a wonderful tune!!

...diversity, good melodies and marvelous lyrics is all you get, with this excellent work!
by Gio Sgarlata.
Gio Sgarlata

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