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He Said~~She Said, Jazz Man Joe vs Champian

Everyone likes classic jazz. I especially love it because I have two young friends who take it and put their own twenty first century spin on it.
You know the music I'm talking about, just jazz, as it was meant to be, comfortable melodies, profound but universal lyrics, treated with respect.

Both of these artist are guilty on all counts of 'keeping the music alive'..and both currently have CD's that are making 'noise' on the Jazz Charts!!

He Said~Jazz Man, Joe Alterman

Joe Alterman 
From Atlanta, now living at Katz's Deli, in NYC!

I told Joe first time I saw him three years ago, he will be the hottest musician in NYC soon, he's there!!
Here's Joe doing a favorite of mine:: 'Time After Time'


She Said~Champian Fulton

If you have never seen this vocalist/pianist live, you must!!!!  She is one of the smoothest at what she does, not matter what the tune, ballad or up, she makes you feel like you are part of it. Audiences everywhere love her! She could be the hardest working woman in show business, seems she has a gig every night!!

Listen:: Here

Joe's CD, 'Give Me The Simple Life'....Get It Here

Champian's CD, 'Champian Sings and Swings'...Get It Here

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