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The Girls on Pete's Blog, Part lll, Erin Pellnat.

In the last couple of weeks, once when I was in New York City, and just twice this last week, three of the wonderful women I write about on this blog have been identified as 'the girl on Pete's blog'.

The best one was when I walked in to a club with Clara Lofaro, and the bartender said Hi Pete, and she looked at CLo and said "you look familiar, are you that girl on Pete's blog".

I should be happy about that but I'm not. Sure it's great that more and more people are reading the blog, but I want them to support these wonderful artists, and to do that they need their names!

So this will be a series of pieces to make sure their names get our there. 


Erin Pellnat, lead singer for 'Jean Fight'

  I first saw Erin about two and a half years ago. She was a back up singer for a band that broke up shortly after I saw them. The night I saw her I did not meet her, I had to run to another show. But I got her name from a band member. I knew she had talent and ENERGY!

When I contacted her months later she said she was getting a band together, but they never got off the ground. I asked her to be in a show and she admitted to me the band was not ready, a class move, on her part.

Well long story short, she has since graduated CCNY & SUNY...jazz vocal and performance.
(the band she fronts now 'Jean Fight', is not jazz)

She managed a great Pizza/Wings joint in NYC to put herself through school. I was there, great wings!

As mentioned above she is lead singer for 'Jean Fight' and also part of the Bushwick Gospel Singers.
Got her name...Erin Pellnat!...don't forget it!

She has become a friend and 'Jean fight' will be part of a big show I'm putting together in NYC this fall.

Here's a video we put together in about 20 minutes on a freezing cold NYC day last winter.
I just wanted to get something from her and her 'accompanist'  who also did a video for me that day!!
Guitar: Alex Prol....Enjoy. 'Throw Me Away'

Erin Pellnat, got it?

So get to know her, like her page....HERE

Visit her web site...HERE

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