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Rosita Kess, New CD--F.L.O.Y.D.

I'm really not fond of writing about Rosita Kess. It's like someone says, write a story about the world.
Where do you start? What do you include? What do you leave out? No matter where you start or finish you never know if you can make the reader aware of all the good, and the talent.

(...but really this is soooo koooool, because I get to listen to and write the first review of so many great Indie Artist...thank you all for your trust....)

Her new CD is, F.L.O.Y.D. (For Love Of Your Desire) ... this is her follow up album to 'Nothern Sky'.

It took me a few days to listen to all eleven tunes on the CD, Why?....cause I kept hitting 'replay'.

Especially the first cut, Just Because Of You, great tune!
It captures all the things I like about Rosita's music. Smooth melodic line, great lyrics, with a sexy European interpretation.She has a way of making not only your senses awake, but you really feel something physical when you hear her.

Mud and Gold, is a heavy bottom, kick 'em in the chest kinda blues tune. I think I hear Rosita's New Orleans background. It's as you will find on both of her CD's a change of pace done without effort, again, it just shows her diversity, while performing all the genre with the utmost respect.

Quero Ser Feliz, (I Want To Be Happy), may turn out to be your favorite of the eleven tunes, an upbeat Brazilian, Samba, be happy rhythm, below the silky voice of Rosita. It truly will make you...
"Be Happy"....

This work is wonderful, done by an artist who seeks perfection, surrounded by some of the world best musicians...

Rosita::  "Brad Jones, Nashville producer, produced the record. Jon Cleary, New Orleans, piano master/ virtuoso played piano guitar and sang background vocals. Andrew Borger, drums. Richard Julian played guitar, Hammond B3. Chris Carmichael strings. Chris Klein, New Orleans, trombone player."

You will add a style of music to your library pretty much missing from the American scene today with this CD.
...class, style, imagination, and some words about real life, and the expressions of a woman.

In her bio, 'gypsy aura' is used to describe her, because she has lived all over the world...
I prefer 'universal maestra'.

Great job, Rosita!

By the way...this is FLOYD!

Floyd & Rosita Kess
The CD is coming soon, get it here::Rosita's site
you can get 'Northern Sky' there too!

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