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Greta Panettieri, speaks about her new album, 'Under Control'

 ~I asked Greta Panettieri to send me a few words about her new album, 'Under Control'.
Now you can see why I think she is not only one of the best vocalists on the planet, but one of the best beings::

"As you know it's been a busy year I've been on the road a lot, which is fantastic, and I'm always busy trying to make some change to pay the bills, and to find ways to keep on doing what I love:
  Is not easy to talk about one's own music and that's why I'm not gonna do it, I will instead talk about all the incredible people that contributed making this album .

Larry Williams
 Of course I have to mention LARRY WILLIAMS, it's almost impossible to believe that such a musician, such a producer was on board with us. He followed every music step we took and advised since day one, in such a  professional and respectful way, never asked to change a note ( like most producers do just to get a piece of publishing) but instead caring for details and helping us find the best ways in the infinite ways of music, as my  friend Tony Formichella would say. The best present for Larry.. it's been his tenor solo on our song 'My Angel', when Andrea received the file from Las Angeles (it was around 4:30 AM here) he spent maybe four hours listening to it,  hundreds of times with the most stupid happy face…
And again Larry did it all for the love of the music, and ….I guess cause he likes us, there aren't enough words to thank him.

Andrea Sammartino, the Maestro 
The other person we really need to talk about is Andrea Sammartino, who is my partner in music and life. He really is the father of this album, he arranged, wrote, did and re did, played and replayed every single note of this record >assembled a perfect pre-production with midi instruments and than went and replaced it all with real instruments. He did the most amazing job, sometimes I think he's crazy, but when we reach results that most people achieve going to the best studios, using the best instruments and paying lots of money, with just a laptop and three years in front of the above mentioned device, I must think twice and say, yes,  he's crazy but he's also a crazy persevering  M.F. and that's one of the reasons why I love him so

*******Of course all the guys that actually played in the album *************

 >Curtis King Jr,  who recorder our duet on 'Lover', in NYC while on a two days break from his world tour with Bruce Springsteen, my old friend Daniele Mencarelli (we used to play in bands together when we were in high school) and he's now one of the best bass players around, Fabio Capone (Andrea's 'compare') who played bass on 'Under Control', Stefano Tamborrino, Armando Sciommeri,  J.J Avatar Telly on drums, Piero Masciarelli Marco Acquarelli, Nicola Costa on guitars, Neney Santos on percussion , Paolo Innarella on flutes, the young new friends that played strings, in one day, and coming from classical music, having to 'first sight' some crazy funky string arrangements, Michele Tremamunno, Andrea Rellini Joele e Lara Micelli.

 Curtis King Jr

Greta's Bakery, with Curtis King Jr, NYC!

Jennie Booth, my too far away sister, who wrote two beautiful lyrics > for this record: 'Can I Say it In A Kiss'  and 'Guessing and Surmising'.

Artiste, Extraordinaire, Jennie Booth.
 My photographer friends: Max Pelagatti, who took the cover picture and Paolo Callipari who is at almost every show I do, and makes me feel and look like a 'Diva'

Jasmin Cacciola my eccentric friend always ready to give you ideas and give you the right skirt or blouse you couldn't find anywhere, she's also working on a big surprise for all of us…( I have to keep it secret for now !…)

Of course my whole family, they are so supportive and loving, I know how lucky I am to have them, including my adorable nieces Eva e Viola that I love more than anything else!

Gisella Ianiri who is now editing the video she envisioned with me chatting at the beach in Santa .Marinella and that she ended up realizing, directing, producing and editing etc for one of the album songs…actually, I got to run to her house in a minute.


 And last but not least  you Pete, I said this once and I'm gonna say it again, thanks for giving us all a chance to say what we think while nobody else does, even to talk about unpopular issues, to be heard to be seen,  to be part of a community of beautiful simple creative funky classic artist and for your loyalty to the cause!"

Me and the 'Diva' in NYC  xo
........ What else? If I have forgotten someone please forgive me......

                        "Under Control, AVAILABLE HERE::Buy Greta's Music
                                                    .....let the music talk!"
The only place you can hear cuts from the new album, is on my ...Radio show, ENJOY!

Greta will be back in NYC to do a couple of shows in January~~
...and we are working together on this Doc Film:: >StreetcredMusic

 ....all I can say is THANKS, Greta!!  xo  CU soon!

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