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The Girls on Pete's Blog, Part V, Eleanor Dubinsky

In the last couple of months, once when I was in New York City, and just twice this last week, three of the wonderful women I write about on this blog have been identified as 'the girl on Pete's blog'.

The best one was when I walked in to a club with Clara Lofaro, and the bartender said Hi Pete, and she looked at CLo and said "you look familiar, are you that girl on Pete's blog".

I should be happy about that but I'm not. Sure it's great that more and more people are reading the blog, but I want them to support these wonderful artists, and to do that they need their names!

So this will be a series of pieces to make sure their names get our there. 

Eleanor it! Part V.  
listen up you got it?

  Eleanor Dubinsky FB page

 Listen here to:: 'Listen to the Music'


Eleanor is one of the women that make it difficult to explain, when people ask 'what does she do'...
 ...I just say, when it comes to music, everything! 

She travels a lot.
web site

 "It's been an international few months! In August I played in the St. Barth Summer Sessions Festival on the island of St. Barth. It was an amazing experience and resulted in new projects, including recording new material with Grammy award winning engineer/producer Fernando Lodeiro (coming soon!). I am also performing and recording with the drums/sax groove duo Pink Fabric. 
I worked with Pablo Eluchans, the drummer, in St. Barth. Ted Hadges is on sax. We play an NYC's Nublu, this Sunday, 10/27, at 9 pm and have a new record coming out in the next month. 

I just returned from Portugal, where I performed at Galeria De Paris in Porto and taped a house concert, TV series, hosted by musician Pierre Aderne in his apartment, in Lisbon. 
Gorgeous country, incredible hospitality and people. I am considering doing a tour there in the spring. 

I'm lucky to be playing a benefit concert hosted by a Puerto Rican organization in Philadelphia on November 2d, and that also includes a pending show in Boston with pianist Josh Fobare, and I'll travel to Ontario, Canada, to collaborate with women from around the world for an International Women's Day Concert, on March 8th. 

 In the meantime I'm writing new material with wonderful collaborators in NYC and hope to play it for you soon!"
.....Xoxo Eleanor

    Enjoy her site!!

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