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New Release From:: Sonia Montez and the Henry Street Players..'AveryJane'

One of my very favorite people in New York City, Sonia Montez has today released a new video from her album, the single is 'AveryJane'.

Sonia Montez

 If you have never heard her 'monster' voice, and her talents on guitar.........
                                                        Enjoy:::Video: 'AveryJane'

Sonia is as 'Independent' as independent gets... In her approach to the music business and her life, she pulls no punches. She is making this wonderful work available to you, to download, here..
'Part-Time Musings'

 "Hey Pete...the video for AveryJane is released today. Links to the free download of the single and stream link to the rest of the record are in the description of the video. This is one of two videos we're releasing before the entire record is given away for free".

On the album::
Nick Oddy/Adam Minkoff on electrics, Adam bass too, Sean Dixon, on drums/percussion/wurlizter, Scott Chasolen, on piano, Kaleta on addition percussion.

Video concept:: And directed by::
Adriana DeGirolami

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