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StreetcredMusic, Making Like A Salmon, Again

I spoke to several producers of documentary films in the last year. I was trying to get some advice on how to market my film, 'StreetcredMusic'

Two of them were Oscar winners and many time Emmy winners. One, a very nice woman was head of documentary production for HBO and Cinemax.
They both told me exactly the same story, they were honest with me, we met face to face, not at the same time...the meetings were separate..I was introduced to them by mutual friends, and I thank them for their expertise.

They told me:: "we want dark"...they would not touch what I had. They wanted pedophilia, veterans committing suicide, Holocaust survivors and the like. They liked what I had done and wished me well. When I told the woman from HBO what I planned to do, she asked me if I wanted a job....for real.

Well, here I go again, for the umteenth time, in my life, making like a salmon.
Heading UP STREAM!

....and I just want to thank the Angels who jumped in the boat with me!!

Yula Beeri

Clara Lofaro

Greta Panettieri

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