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The CD is 'One More Cup of Coffee', by Kosi.

The creativity, the delivery, from Kosi, the range of her voice, and the composition of 'One More Cup of Coffee' her new  CD, just knocked me on my butt.
This relatively new songstress has the talent and the delivery of a singer much beyond her years.
Her style is uniquely refreshing, taking me back to the days of the jazz/blues singers who invented as the performed. 

 Kosi Gyebi Sorensen
The CD is packed with jems::
The title tune, 'One More Cup of Coffee', is as bad ass as the blues can ever be. This is one of the tunes that make me say...where did she get this grit, this ability to make the ears of an old time blues lover like me stand up? On this awesome arrangement, the guitar is made to talk by, Aron Marchak...Great tune!

They team up again on 'Need Your Love' ...this time they mix in some funk, and Kosi shows just how talented she is by exhibiting her amazing vocal range.

This is one solid, solid work, ten tunes in all. Another tune that grabbed me by the neck was the old standard 'Autumn in New York'. Most artists misinterpret this tune, they think it should be an up tune, a happy tune, not so. Kosi takes it and lives it, and gets the true message of the 1934 Broadway lyric by Vernon Duke across, from her gut.

Kosi, the CD: 'One More Cup of Coffee'
The 'show stopper' on the CD, which I like to identify in all the reviews I do, to me is, 'The Last Shot'. The lyrics and the story are so wonderfully universal, BUT, the melody is like a 'postit' to ones brain. You hear it and you say, yea, I've been there...and the melody, just keeps reminding you of the times you needed that 'One Last Shot'.

Her genre?... don't know, don't matter. Call it creative, taking jazz, blues, and to me I hear a bit of Gospel, and a lot of the world of a woman....but you know what, you listen, she will impress you!

>>I asked Kosi, the two dumb questions I ask everyone~~~
1. If you were leaving the planet and could only take one album with you, which would you take??

 ~~ "Gregory Porter's,  Liquid Spirit has been playing on loop pretty much incessantly since I got it. No Love Dying, the first track, always manages to pull me out of whatever funk I'm dwelling in (and trust, it's been a funky few weeks). If that doesn't do it, by the second track, Liquid Spirit, I'm up and dancing, and just like that I have a reason to live again."

2. If you could work with anyone, who would you choose??

~~ " Jeez do I have to choose only one person to work with?? It happens incredibly often that I hear somebody play or sing something and think "I'd love to work with that guy/chick." I guess I can choose, though... I'd love to work with Gregory Porter (Gregory, are you reading this??). Also, Mem Nahadr. She has the most incredible range and power I've ever heard. Like, ever. Come to think of it, I'd be a little scared to sing with her, haha! That wouldn't stop me, though, if I had the opportunity. And one more... Lord Lorax. He has a unique way of putting a song together. Also he has this awesome sound that's simultaneously modern and ancient. I've been told the same about myself, so that collab would be perfect."
listen::to Kosi HERE!

So, now you know all about Kosi. So, now you can go to her FB page and like her, HERE!

....then you can go HERE and get a copy of 'One More Cup of Coffee'...

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