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StreetcredMusic: New Album from Itaiguara, 'Awakening'

For many years when I mention Brazilian Jazz to my friends, the comments I get are...
"too complicated, the rhythms, the language"...I usually stop there.

Itaiguara with his new and his first album, has now given me ammunition, to attack again in this battle, to awaken more readers to this genre.

Itaiguara FB page
'Awakening' is a wonderful, smooth flowing collection of original compositions. With, as always with Itaiguara, the finest musicians in jazz.

Eleven tunes in all, but, the first one that caught my eye and ear was,...
 'Chorinho pro Cidinho', a tribute to the maestro Cidinho Teixeira    
Video: Chorinho pro Cidinho 


Hi, Pete,  Hello readers...
" I'm a Brazilian bassist, guitarist, composer arranger living in New York. "Awakening" is my first solo album released in 2015. Its songs, 10 of which are original compositions, are an exploration of various styles of Brazilian music and beyond. These range from samba, bossa nova, baião, choro, and modifications of traditional Brazilian styles (afoxé in 3/4 and samba in 7/4), to chamber music, jazz waltz, funk, and Afro-Peruvian. The album features 20 musicians playing a variety of instruments including flutes, clarinet, bassoon, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, accordion, trumpet, guitar, drums, percussion, piano, violin, cello, bass, and vocals. The title track is a composition with a slow build, reminiscent of each day's dawn, and also represents the figurative awakening in an artist's career. For me, it signifies the journey from gaining experience as a sideman to articulating my vision through music."

 ....this album flows, as described above, many diverse styles, and rhythms....
........vocals on the album, by Greta Panettieri ~ Nana Brandao and Itaiguara.
..........for a first time work, this is a group of compositions, and music makers unmatched!!

The release show/party for 'Awakening'  will be in NYC, November 18th, 2015 at Subrosa
...there will be 2 sets, 8PM & 10PM

'Awakening' is available here, now, and see a complete list of the musicians::Awakenings, HERE

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