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StreetcredMusic: 'My2cents' Playing Gigs For Free? Why?

Here is a video I did this summer, and the responses that have come to my Facebook, Twitter and my email... I will continue to add more as they come in::

Enjoy the video, 'My2cents'

Emilly Ben Ami made this happen.
Got it, OK here are the responses...

This one came from Rich M, he calls it 'Promoters that don't promote'~~

"In New York, I often see homeless people opening the door for people outside of Dunkin’ Donuts and asking for change. These are people that have no job, so they create their own, without really asking permission.
Similarly, there are people who have created the job of scheduling bands to play 45 minute sets at various clubs, do nothing until the night of the show, where they show up and take money from you and your fans."

Linda, NYC Subway musician
  From Cameron, NYC...

The supply of bands out weighs the demand, and so clubs can find plenty of free entertainment. I suppose there could someday be a Musician Revolution where we all unify and refuse to participate in this system for free. Enough is enough! But musicians as a group aren’t cut out for that sort of confrontational attitude, and there will always be the younger guys or weekend warriors that don’t care about money willing to play for free.  This is kind of unfortunate, but it’s reality.

From, Maya, NYC...

"The truth is, musicians have got to love performing their own music this much because everything else surrounding playing a show is a nightmare, and New York City just magnifies the problems. Everything from booking shows to hauling your gear on the subway to tiny stages, this town is not for the faint of heart. Of course, the thing that will suck the soul right out of you is booking your own gigs. The truth is, booking your own shows takes thick skin, patience, networking, confidence, and organization. Then when you get nothing for all that, well it sucks. So you have a point on both ends, it drains your finances, but there will always be people playing for FREE!"

From, Jan, NY
  Amen! About time someone spoke the truth. Thank you, Pete!

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