StreetcredMusic...This blog has followed a quote I heard many years ago..."Sometimes you must leap first, and build your wings on the way down". From nothing it has become a blog containing dozens of Indie artists. Follow me as I introduce you to them, from the place where they breed, New York City! ....and come with us as we document it on film!!

COVER: ...Here are some badass women.

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StreetcredMusic: September Songs, 'Swing' Into Fall.

'Swing' era that has never died in my music world. I love any form of it, especially the 'Sassy' ladies. is one of the most popular around now, she is not limited to swing,  check out her web site.....

Champian Fulton
 VIDEO~~Here is her live version of ::'Day In Day Out' in France

Next up we go over the top with a great performer, Gunhild Carling
VIDEO~~ her full band live, with ::: 'Back In The Jungel'

Then of course Sassy herself.
Sarah Vaughn

VIDEO~~ The Sassy live version of 'September In The Rain'

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