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Nana Schwartzlose, Home Is Denmark, But...

Nana Schwartzloose, NYC
...She has a second home, New York City!

I spoke with her briefly in NYC, at Caffe Vivaldi just before we both headed to other cities. Her to her place of birth Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nana has a CD, "Notes To Remember"...

The CD is comprised of all original tunes written by Nana, she also is responsible for the music and the instrumental accompaniment on piano, guitar, xylophone, and melodica.

She expresses her love for her "second home" in the tune "3847 Miles"...
Telling of the sadness as she flies away from the city lights, wising she had more time,
going to a place where she tells people is her home. She adds to the feeling of this tune with some excellent acoustic guitar work.

"She's The One"...another example of how Nana puts the feelings of a woman to music. It deals with a woman who has an infatuation for another man who is deeply entrenched in a marriage and a family.
The inner feelings she puts to words here simplify the situation, and we understand the emotion.

This is a very talented lady who has a beautiful voice and an ability to express herself to the listener.
Her approach has a mellow sounding beauty to it, and words that we can all identify with.



Nana first came to NYC in 2006 with a guitar she did not know how to play,
and she wanted to be in a city where nobody knew of her.
She now has become prolific on guitar, and loves New York.
I asked her; If you could only take one album with you if you were leaving Earth which would it be?

She answered, Dan Auerbach's "Keep It Hid"

Then I asked if you could perform with anyone who would you choose?

She replied, Beck and Thomas Dybdahl.

 Get CD, "Notes To Remember"...

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