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StreetcredMusic: 'Shattered' The New CD from Greta Panettieri.

Releasing her third CD, 'Shattered' in as many years, international song stylist Greta Panettieri
has again set the bar high for female vocalists.

Greta Panettieri

 Greta's phrasing is nuanced and stylized in the way of no other jazz singer. But her persona is modern and upbeat. The album is all original music with the exception of a tribute to David Bowie, Greta does 'Life On Mars'. A rendition Bowie would admire.

As I'm writing this Greta has released the first single and video from the album, "I'm In Love" which makes a statement about Gay marriage. It is a shout out to the first Gay couple to be officially married in Rome, Italy, Luca and Francisco.
VIDEO: I'm In Love


 The album produced by Andrea Sammartino is a 360 degree look at Greta's eclectic musical persona and her virtuoso artistic style that creates her very own genre. 

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"I've always called myself a Jazz singer, (but not really)
I improvise but I don't exactly scat. I like soul music and R&B, but I don't sing melismas.
I like mainstream melodies but I'm not a 'pop' singer. Who am I then? 
I am what I sing. I sing what I like, the way I like. I leave it to my voice without trying to frame it in a specific style. Definitions just 'Shatter' on me"

No album, review, or conversation about Greta Panettieri could be complete without  mention of her love for Brazilian Jazz. She has performed with 'the best of the best'. 

Shattered is no exception, here is a fun behind the scenes video look at a tune from the album 'Oppure No' with Claudio "Greg" Gregori,  >Video:Oppure No

 Shattered,  nine tunes in all, is another well done work by Greta and her people. The arrangements, the choice of material, the world class musicians, the art work and the concept, are just an extension of her work ethic and overall class and respect for her music.

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