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StreetcredMusic: 'The Flight' By Jade Simmons

Lillette's Rhythm Club fits not only in black history, but American history. The club/hotel/casino was established in 1945, in Reno, Sparks, Nevada. Making it the first such venue owned and operated by African-Americans...Lillette Jenkins and husband Bud Harris.

 A new musical titled "Lillette's Rhythm Club, Then and Now" is coming to the stage soon.
It will feature another woman of color who has shattered barriers in her own generation,
Jade Simmons.
 ...The first 'single' from the score of the show was given to Streetcred, by Jade, this week.

Lillette had her own 'jazzed up' version of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee" and for this show Jade Simmons the Maestra of piano rhythms will introduce her 21st Century version. "The Flight" .. it's four and a half minutes of excitement.

Whenever I listen to Jade Simmons it seems like she is using all 88 keys, of course she is not.
However, she keeps the original 'bees' under control and adds a touch of her own honey, and keeps a strong bottom sound going, to create a possible show stopper for the musical.

 ITunes, You can get: 'The Flight' HERE

Here is a trailer for the up coming musical: 'Lillette's Rhythm Club' 

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