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StreetcredMusic: Rock and Roll Hall of Misogyny

'My2cents'...I catch glimpses of the Rock & Roll HOF goings on each year, at their induction extravaganza, in NYC, when the Hall is in Cleveland.😀

It always, as do all corporate marketing campaigns, seems so damn male dominated. No surprise though, everything in America is geared to male gratification, the corporate world, advertising, education, politics, salaries, porn and yes, entertainment.

The "legends" and the "pioneers" are always men. The women are treated like, well, 'they were there'.
Well let me tell you as someone who WAS there too, that's is misogyny, in it's purest form.

Janis Joplin

In the 1950's at the Alan Freed shows in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the girl groups were as popular as ANY of the men, and put on better sets. All through the 1970's, the open air concerts, the women again drew large crowds and all the other artists would turn out to see them.

The woman above is the Queen of all Rock and Roll. Every woman today who stands in Front of a rock band, owes it all to her. She drank and did drugs, and bi sexual and was blackballed by networks and media for it, and was in some papers called a threat to American youth. Meanwhile the men who did likewise were revered by everyone in the music business as geniuses, explorers of the mind.

Video, Enjoy Janice, because she carried a::  Ball and Chain

When you saw her live, when she was done, so were you, you left the venue. Whoever was next was fuckin boring!

         ......On stage I make love to twenty five thousand people; and then I go home alone.

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