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StreetcredMusic: The Queen Abdicates, Long Live The Queen

The Queen of Rhythm and Blues for the last three decades, is saying farewell.

Anita Baker has announced a farewell tour in 2018.

 Anita started her career in the late 1970's with a band called Chapter 8.

Her first two solo albums were, The Songstress, 1983 & Rapture in 1986 which went Platinum.
It will be hard to find a woman vocalist to bring the emotion along with the melodies and universal lyrics of love she gave us.

Enjoy her video: "Giving You The Best That I've Got"



Long live the new Queen, Arika Kane. The BSE Records star has just released her latest single.
Love Makes A Woman.

Arika: web site
   In 2010 Arika Kane released her self-titled Album, which became an international hit. With songs like “Here With Me“, “4 The Lovers”, “Bcuz I Luv U” and “Make It. All of which were featured on various VH1, BET and MTV Programing.

Arika’s songs debuted and had success on the Billboard Sales, Airplay and Hot
100 Charts.

Enjoy Arika's latest single & Video::::"Love Makes A Woman"

....and a tip of the hat to Arika for being a friend and supporter of this blog:

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