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Cezara Lucia, A Talented Enigma (an excerpt)

Cezara Lucia Vladescu
                “Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”
 Listening to her words was an experience I will never forget. Trying to define her is not possible.
I will give you her words, in text, and you can get to know this woman who to me is a musical instrument, that lives and breaths, the piano is just an extension of her, and her life style.
                                      Free, caring, loving and totally uninhibited.

Listen: HERE!

Cezara-Lucia Vlădescu started her piano studies with her mother, also pianist, Carmen Giorgiana Vlădescu.
At the age of fourteen she was admitted under exceptional circumstances and with the highest score at the Music Academy in Karlsruhe.(Romania)
Here she pursued her studies at the special division of ´Young Students` with Prof. Günter Reinhold. She completed her studies earning her Bachelor degree and Artist Diploma at the Music Academy in Karlsruhe (Germany) in the piano class of Prof. Dr. h.c. Fany Solter.

Cezara Lucia
    Cezara Lucia: 
Versatility is a great quality.
The possibility to juggle with options, choices…that's power.
So many people are stuck at some point because they are limited in a certain square determined by their human capabilities of doing something, and by the geographical position of their bodies.
When I finished school (I needed a break to think about if I actually ever been in a school for real) my friends were panicked due to the storm of choices coming after them. Which was exciting to observe for me, as I didn't have any choices, any options. There was only one thing I could do – music. Art. They were the lucky ones. They were the bi's. 

So many great words include the syllable "bi".

The BIble. So many different stories, so many different theories. At the end one can never be wrong. I can apply either the New or the Old Testament. I get free of sins whenever I want.

amBIguity. One can always get away with being ambiguous. When you don't have the money.

BIgamy. I mean ok, it's a crime, but how many people aren't there, married and still acting like the husband toward another person? Isn't BIgamy only the legal form of cheating? And c'mon, let's be serious. Cheating it's the only effective success guaranteed growing factor in a relationship. The longer one trusts and loves someone, the bigger the cheating factor. So why punish someone only because they're lucky to have options and even have them legalized in most of the non-western countries.

Here is more of her amazing music:  'Polar Bear'

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