StreetcredMusic...This blog has followed a quote I heard many years ago..."Sometimes you must leap first, and build your wings on the way down". From nothing it has become a blog containing dozens of Indie artists. Follow me as I introduce you to them, from the place where they breed, New York City! ....and come with us as we document it on film!!

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StreetcredMusic: Montreux Jazz Divas, Through The Years.

1987, Nina Simone (Eunice Waymon)

Video::"Someone To Watch Over Me"

Simone recorded more than 40 albums, mostly between 1958, when she made her debut with Little Girl Blue, and 1974. She had a hit in the United States in 1958 with "I Loves You, Porgy".
Simone's musical style fused gospel and pop with classical music, in particular Johann Sebastian Bach, and accompanied expressive, jazz-like singing in her contralto voice.


2012, Cezara Lucia Vladescu

Video: Her Composition, "EPA"


Cezara-Lucia Vlădescu started her piano studies with her mother, also a pianist, Carmen Giorgiana Vlădescu. At the age of fourteen she was admitted under exceptional circumstances and with the
highest score at the Music Academy in Karlsruhe. 
Here she pursued her studies at the special division of ´Young Students` with Prof. Günter Reinhold. She completed her studies earning her Bachelor degree and Artist Diploma at the Music Academy in Karlsruhe (Germany) in the piano class of Prof. Dr. h.c. Fany Solter.

  Nikki Yanofsky, 2012

Video: "I'd Rather Go Blind"

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Nikki began her professional singing career by performing at the 2006 Montreal International Jazz Festival. Only 12 at the time, this performance made her the youngest performer ever to headline at the festival.

She has returned each year since, including a special outdoor performance for the festival's 30th Anniversary in 2009 and a performance with l'Orchestre Métropolitain in 2011.

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