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Pianist Joe Alterman at Cafe Vivaldi

Young pianist Joe Alterman is a treat to see and hear, the trio he had together for the set I attended at
Cafe Vivaldi last week was Jack Nicholson (as good as it gets).

They took me on a tour of music in America over the years, the opening number was reminiscent of a small bistro in the forties Joe was light on the Ivories, added to the bass and drums and I was waiting for Lauren Bacall to walk in.

Then their rendition of the evergreen Time After Time took me to the progressive jazz sound of
the sixties as Joe and bass player James Cammack (who is Ahmad Jamal's bassist) jumped all around the classic melodic line of the tune without losing it at all, this was a terrific piece, it really was impressive.
                                                Me and Joe Alterman at Cafe Vivaldi

They then whaled on a kinda Brazilian tune Menina Flor to feature the South American smoothness
and adding a whole new rhythm to the set. Which they handled very well.

The final number was It Could Happen To You. The trio's versatility was put on display, a great piece to close the set with a mix of all their skills, epically Joe's, he whaled away to close the set, and they were all as clean as could be, some great stuff!
On drums was Alex Raderman who kept the guys together with the skill of a veteran musician, this was quite an experience to me , I love to see the young artist who love and respect the classic sounds and arrangements, and add their own skills to keep them alive. I loved it all. So did the crowd.


Having seen Nikki Yanofsky the previous evening I envisioned the two of them doing a set, all alone
the piano talent of young Joe Alterman and the amazing Nikki!

What about it Blue Note!! 
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