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Deb Oh, New Release

Thursday night Deb Oh released her new album, Cold Glory and performed with her band at the Rockwood Music Hall.

What a talented performer Miss Oh! Singer, keyboard, piano and wrote the entire CD. This group of artists has a sound that kept a packed house at the Rockwood Music Hall at full attention. Miss Oh's songs and the very unique group of musicians with her create a sound of rhythm and a beat that holds throughout the entire set. Her vocal range is excellent, her stage presents is captivating and the entire CD
will have you hitting "replay".

The choice of songs and the order in which they flowed through the set was perfect.

The group consists of David Yim on banjo and drums, Alan Jeffries
on cello, Mike Feinberg bass and David Moench guitar.

They create sounds and rhythms that are entirely new and exciting. In fact I have never heard a sound like they project, it's great.
Miss Oh has quite a following, it was the largest crowd I have ever seen at the Rockwood.

She is just as captivating to meet, a beautiful and very talented artist.

Congratulations Miss Oh on a great piece of work!

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