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Greta's Bakery, really is on the "Edge of Everything"

One of the freshest new groups on the east coast, Greta's Bakery now has their first release!! 

The Edge of Everything, available HERE

These young musicians are in a genre all their own. Even vocalist Greta Panettieri won't name their style, she says you tell me, when asked.

The only name I can put on it is SMOOTH! Changing rhythms, great lyrics and good musicians blended with Ms. Panettieri vocal range is easy on the ears.

The 40 minute album has eleven selections, all will have you hitting the replay button.
The title tune The Edge of Everything is a changing tempo tune with a classic Jazz quality, it tells a lot about the group in that it is fresh, smooth and original. I rarely use comparisons but on this number Greta reminds one of Sade.

What You See Is What You Get, is another tune that has me reaching for the replay button. I love this one. It has kind of a Samba, jazzy rhythm and is a "today" piece for everyone.
The tune that stands out most to me is If This Ain't Love, this one starts out with a La La La La La la intro. by Greta that captures you, then a Bluezy Beat of love lyrics and Greta gets sassy for a while, then the boys get Funky and Greta brings you home with her Angelic range. This is my favorite.
Andrea Sammartino is on the keys and Mike LaValle on bass guitar.

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