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Pyeng Theadgill at Rockwood... by pete cataldo

We warned you last week about the "grove to"sounds of Pyeng Theadgill and if you were lucky enough to be at Rockwood Music Hall last week you could catch them first hand.

This young lady and her group project a sound of smooth jazz and a lot of love for what they do.
Pyeng's vocal range is smooth can be sassy and wide, and a really good feeling comes from her stage presents.
The combination of the music and the way each musician on the stage contributes their talent is really together
or "tight" as they say in the biz.

Up front on vocal and keyboard is Pyeng, giving a lead of confidence in her songs and the feeling for her lyrics. This talented young artist puts emotion into all of her writings and it comes out on stage.

Propeller, from her last album Portholes To A Love & Other Short Stories was my favorite, and I got the feeling that the group really like this one too.

Pyeng also did She Lives With The Sun and The Whole Truth, which will be featured on her upcoming
album to be completed this spring.
Then the group the did a song that was actually untitled, she asked the audience to suggest a title, I would call it
Silky, simply because it was so damn smooth!

Around Pyeng were a very good group of accomplished musicians;
John Shannon, electric guitar...Derek Nieregelt, bass guitar,
Evan Panzer, drums...Kevin Louis, coronet/percussion... special guest, John Caban on dobro.

I thoroughly enjoyed their set.
Pyeng's new album will paint a picture about the environment and "our relationship with it both the outer landscape and the inner emotional one" she hopes we will all be full filled with the release of her new project
and if what I saw last week was an indication I know we will be.

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