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Can A Wolf "scat".......Yes!

The CD is "Nevermine" the artist I want to introduce you to is Emily Wolf.

Originally from England, Emily studied at the New England Conservatory in Boston and was a finalist in the
2009 "Steppin Out" Jazz Competition.

Her new CD is a joy.
The first cut is What's Your Story, Morning Glory?  Some great old fashioned drag 'em home by the tail BLUES here.
Emily shows off her ability to scat and her range, coupled with  a good sax solo by Robert Struthers on tenor.
I really like this chart, it's an old Jimmy Lunceford tune and he would be proud of the treatment given to it by Emily.

Cut #4 is Once I Loved by Antonio Carlos Jobim...
And when you do Jobim, you better have someone strong on the keys, and he is, Jason Yeager creates the Samba rhythm as Emily gives a Pop-Brazilian sound to the lyrics. Oddly enough Emily says one of my all time favorites Nancy Wilson was an influence on her, and I think it  really shows here on a Brazilian number. (strange?)
Emily takes the tune an octave up or an octave down and as Nancy always did,
she hits the bulls-eye at the end of the phrase.

The title tune Nevermine, written by Emily is a foot-tappin- scattin great number.
Emily shows her versatility as she scats in the upper register and has a good time on this one, jumping all over the melody. Emily owns this tune, she wrote it she scats it, it could become her signature.
Add in some excellent guitar licks by Hector Rodruigez and they finish this work in classic jazz fashion!

If you, like me, love the classics done by young artists who put their own
twenty first century spin on the classics and their heart into their work,
 this is for U!


Emily Wolf,!/EmilyWolfJazz

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