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StreetcredMusic: A Star Is Born...Cheryl Jakubowski Quillen

My friend Cheryl Jakubowski Quillen, hit the stage last night for just the second time and fulfilled a long time ambition to perform, as a singer.

Angelique, Cheryl and Alexandria

                    The event was the 2011 Seminole Employee Talent Show in Florida.

 Cheryl asked me weeks ago to suggest a song, I said do one that you "feel" something that means something to you. Well with some recent hard times in her life, including the loss of her dad, "Jake" Jakubowski, she chose a good one.

She first tried the talent show a year ago, but was a bit nervous and did well but she got ready for this year!
She would send me videos of her singing in her car on her way to work, and I could hear an improvement, despite the steering wheel in the center of the video.

So... ahead to last night! Here is her performance, video... "Anyway"

Cheryl is a great lady who deserves a her day in the Sun, she has given many of them to others.
Here are some of her quotes from the last few days...

This was the eve or her show...
"I must be nervous after all? I woke up at 3AM from a dream that I had lost my voice. A few hours later I woke up in a panic thinking my alarm did not go off, in my dream it was 3:15PM, which made me miss today's rehearsal. I certainly hope the rest of the day goes better and I can sing my heart out tonight!"

This was after the show...
" Life is amazing! As we get older we realize the importance of living life to the fullest, not knowing if today will be our last. When we let our guards down and open our hearts we then discover things about ourselves we never knew before. Those things make us happy and those around us happy. Nothing is better than sharing our happiness, talents and love with others".

Cheryl took second place and a check for $1,000.
Cheryl said her daughters were proud of her and were wondering how they would spend "their" prize money! 

The winner of the show was a singer too, Alesandra Obergon.

Cheryl Quillen $$$$

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