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Artists In New York, Part XIII, Stefano Baldasseroni

New York City, always has and always will be the melting pot of the planet. StreetcredMusic is now seeing it from the inside. I have encountered literally hundreds of artists that have been drawn here by the subway, the bagels, the cappuccino, and of course the opportunity to fulfill a their creative genes, to mingle and learn from the be exposed to the vast ocean of talented, educated, artists, so one can aspire to be the best you can be!

Stefano Baldasseroni
   Stefano Baldasseroni, someone I met through, that Yula chick that just keeps 'eXtending' her family (Stefano mentions her later on) and the community is 'The Hive' are the wonderful words Stefano expressed about coming to New York City...from Rome, Italy.

 "Moving to NYC, pros and cons, two sides of the same coin…This is the first statement that came to my mind when Pete Carma asked me to write something about my experience.The overall feeling about my decision is a huge sense of satisfaction and pride. I’ve always looked at the States as an unreachable dream that I had to shut down in order to keep some mental sanity. Everything about the U.S., especially about NYC, seemed to be the perfect thing for me, but I’ve always postponed the time to make a decision about moving or not.

I’m glad I waited, because this way I’ve had the chance to follow the unfolding of life and move here only when I was ready. During my career as a drummer I’ve always been very lucky and had the chance to travel a lot with my job. I remember the very first time, when I joined the Grandmothers, the former Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention and I left with them for a 2-week European tour. I was so excited - I had never left Italy before then and everything felt so new to me! It felt so good that I moved to London, where I stayed for 2 years before moving back to Italy.

Stefano and Yula Beeri at the Hive!
 It took me almost 12 years after that moment to decide to make the “big leap” and move. Almost three years ago, I realized that everything was screaming at me that it was time to leave Italy. The music business was going south, my love life was stagnant and dry and, all of a sudden, I met the man I consider my soul mate. The process is not easy at all. The USCIS has become tougher after 9/11 and getting a VISA is really something that can suck all of your energy. It took me exactly 365 days -1 year to gather all the documents (everything related to my career like gigs, fliers, interviews, endorsements etc.), recommendation letters, contracts and get my O-1 VISA. It was August 24, 2011, the best day of my life! There are many obstacles on the path of a musician who’s moving to another country. The first one is obtaining a legal immigration status, then comes making a name for one’s self. NYC is absolutely the place that draws extremely talented musicians from all over the world and the competition is very high. Breaking into the scene means that you have to push constantly and play every gig you can find, paid AND non-paid.

This is not the only reason why an immigrant musician has to work hard. After 3 years the O-1 VISA expires and, in order to be able to renew it, one has to show the USCIS that he’s been very active in the scene and that he WILL be busy for the next 3 years! It is a lot of pressure."


 Stefano: "On the other hand, NYC offers tons of opportunities, so many, that you have to turn things down sometimes. What I like about NYC and the people here is that the very first impression that everybody has when they meet someone new is that they basically trust him. They always give you a chance and it is up to you not to lose their trust. What I have accomplished in one and a half years in NYC is great. I have, along with two partners, a recording studio in Chelsea, where I record professional drum tracks for many clients, and I am making music with many wonderful and talented people.I started reaching out by replying to ads on Craigslist. Not an easy task, it works one time out of a 100, but one ad brought me an audition for Yula Beeri, one of the highlights of my New York experience, side by side with meeting my partner, Tom. Playing with Yula means being part of a wonderful community. It is not only a professional relationship but it goes beyond that because I became part of a family and this is one of the most precious things an immigrant musician can find when far away from home. I am very lucky because I’ve found friends and love."

I asked Stefano the two questions I ask everyone~~
. If you were leaving the planet and you could take only one album with you, which would you take?  
Stefano: "I would bring with me 'Greenhouse', by The Yellowjackets. Those people are really in contact to the meaning of being musicians. They can express themselves whit simple and yet touching melodies or with very complicated and rich arrangements. I would never get tired of it!"

2. If you could perform with anyone, who would you choose?

Stefano:  "I don't like being labelled as a rock drummer, jazz drummer or whatever. I am a drummer who likes music and who likes to challenge himself playing different styles. I would be gratified to play with someone who is eclectic and would explore different territories and different sounds. Sting would be the perfect candidate for me!"

 Stefano, thanks so much for letting my readers get a look and you and your music!!!

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