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"Right On Time"... by Mary C me, a guy weened on R&B back in the day,  
Mary C is like finding an uncut diamond!

 I was in New York City for a week back in November. My time was all accounted for, except for Sunday afternoon. So, as I am always looking to contact new talent to bring to you, I looked on line to see if I could find a set to see. Mary C had a gig at 5 PM. most great things happen purely by chance, I stopped in to see Mary C.

We chatted for a minute and then she hit the stage, for a set without her full band.

From the jump, her stage presents, her beauty, her music and her pipes rocked the room!

Since, Mary has sent me an online preview of her soon to be released CD "Right On Time"

The CD is perfect...what does that mean? I mean I can not recall a Funky, Soulful, R&B CD that I have ever owned in which every tune hits the mark!

"Get Me Through" ...the opening high -energy number will get you movin',  a solid, solid get up and move
piece of funk!

"Love Automatic"...Mary's performance here is the ultimate sassy, soulful, attitude of a "got to have it" woman, in an "Automatic" affair, I really loved this tune!

"Paper Moons"...gets down as deep as soul can get. Mary's range and ability to funkify the phrasing of her terrific lyrics make this tune special. "I just want to be with you... under a paper moon, ...dancin' in the night, while you hold me tight....wish you knew my name."

"Out of My Mind"...another bulls eye! up beat 21st Century neo/soul...this one could be bound for the Dance Charts.

"Changing Spaces"...could be the "ever green" tune of this work. Mary's universal words of a broken heart are lent to a melody of passion. "Hear the sound of my heart break"  "Love or hate" "Gone or hold on"
...she tells it like it can be, and we have all been there.

...Seven tunes in all, on the preview I reviewed, all written by Mary C.

This CD just confirms what I saw live;
Mary C, expresses her emotions and keeps the music as real as it can be. She is able to blast her stage presents out like an explosion and yet maintain an intimacy with her audience!

...for me this work came "Right On Time"!


Mary C
Mary C has a great show planned for: Pianos, NYC, December 13th 7PM.

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