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Clara Lofaro's "Perfekt World"

..."Perfekt World" Clara Lofaro's wonderful CD, that preceded her current work the self titled "Clara Lofaro", is an eclectic shotgun blast of what "Pop" music is today!
...on Clara's bio, it refers to her as a "tiny powerhouse"-not! she runs marathons so she is fit, but there is nothing tiny about her. Her voice is as large as a Rainbow, and it bring just as much joy when you hear it. Her heart is a big as a truck, she is always helping others... a percentage of "Perfekt World"
goes to fight hunger, and Clara was part of a massive effort to send relief to the victims of the recent tragedy in Japan.

Perfekt World;
"Birds of a Feather" the first cut is a sample of Clara's agility. A simple tune that will stick with you all day, and have you tapping your foot, with lyrics that give you a picture of a world that you can relate to...and maybe fill it some thoughts of your own, as Clara paints a picture for you.

"No Way Home" is a cut that seems a bit "Punky" to me as the shotgun blast of Miss Lofaro expanded, and I loved it. Several rhythm changes and a heavy bottom from the rhythm section, and the classic Clara lyrics telling the story; "you don't wanna marry me, I've lived my life too be a mother and a friend, and trust our love will last!

"Blue"....there is not much I can tell you about this tune, but.....this is my favorite Clara Lofaro, she sits at the piano and her words jump out from her  "tiny powerhouse" being and win your heart! I've been listening to music for six decades and seeing Miss Lofaro working her magic on the keys and poring out her soul, she is as good as anyone.

The title tune "Perfekt World", well here it is enjoy:
...this is a testament, to the heart and soul of this wonderful artist.

When Clara handed me this CD several weeks ago she said; "I want you to have this one" full knowing that I loved "Clara Lofaro". I see why now, it's a different side of her. This album comes on full force, no holds barred, a side of Clara I had not seen, and I love it!

I hope you enjoy "Perfekt World", with artists like Clara Lofaro, one day we may have one! are previous reviews... 

Clara Lofaro will be at;  Hugh's Room, Toronto, Dec. 13th, 2011.

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