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Solitaire Miles' Christmas Show at The Jazz Showcase in Chicago.

What do Solitaire Miles and Jen Zias have in common?...They were high school friends in Erie, Pennsylvania, they were both at Chicago's Jazz Showcase last night, and Oh yea, they sing a bit too!

Solitaire Miles
 What do Willie Pickens (piano), Robert Shy (drums), Jack Gallagher (baritone trumpet & vocals)Dave Gordon (piano) Brian Gephart (tenor sax), Chris Greene (soprano sax) and Brian Sandstrom (bass) doing what he always does keeping everybody together...have in common?
Jack Gallagher, baritone trumpet & vocal.

 ...they are all musicians, Yes! you got it. But if you were at the Showcase last night you would also know how "straight up " jazz is supposed to be jammed, as they took turns WOWin' their Christmas week audience. 

The event put together by Solitaire, stressed the '"Holiday Spirit" as much as the jazz....
"play it like it should be" attitude. Everything from Coltrane to White Christmas was on the bill.

This wonderful ensemble rotated solos, shared the stage and demonstrated their understanding of swing,
with a touch of progressive as they ran away with a list of the classics and some holiday tunes: "Christmas Time Is Here", "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To", "Let It Snow", "I Can't Give You Anything But Love", "Santa Baby"...done so sassy and sexy by Solitaire...and "Baby It's Cold Outside" a duet with Solitaire and Jack Gallagher...once again Solitaire putting together a book of just the right tunes for the event.

Brian Gephart
 Vocalist, Jennifer Zias, took her jamm in set II, with a wonderful, respectful swing version of "White Christmas"it was spirited and her range and wonderful crisp sound was a holiday treat.

So many good things happened at this show musically, it would violate the Cardinal rule of blogging, (to be brief), if I went on and on.
A perfect event for the season, I'm looking forward to more of the same in 2012, what a great show!

BTW, the sugar cookies and cup cakes and gingerbread cookies baked by Solitaire took their solo at the intermission, they were also well received! 

So get out Chicago! see Solitaire's next gig...and make sure you stay for the second set!!

Solitaire will be at:  Andy's...  Hubbard Street, Chicago  -Feb 16th & 17th

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