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Top Ten, Sexiest Piano Players, by Pete Carma #10, Lynne Arriale.

Here we go, Top Ten Sexiest Piano I see them!

Lynne Arriale
 Since this is the first of the series let me define "sexy"
of course the attraction part of sexy applies, but the composition and presentation weigh in too, as equal parts.

Through the years I have seen many, I have chosen the ones who made me think and have shot a bullet or two through my heart!

Lynne Arriale, is a Gemini like me, perhaps the attraction? Born in Milwaukee, graduate of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and is now the Professor of Jazz Piano at U. of North Florida.

To say Lynne plays with emotion, is a redundancy, once you see her for an instant your emotions are stirred.
I love her rendition of "Blackbird", she takes a progressive approach and lends it to a feminine interpretation, that makes me wonder how it feels to be that into a performance.'s 'Blackbird'

As I see it jazz needs more Lynne's. She puts class and a loving touch on the music ahead of complicating it to the point where the artist loses me. Heart in jazz, something to behold!

"Frevo", is a piece where Lynne steps out. Her expression and dexterity dominate this wonderful chart.'s "Frevo"...

I first saw Lynne live a year ago, and make it a point to catch her whenever she is close.

Lynne Arriale will be at:  Des Moines, Iowa, Feb 3d.
       ...and at the fabulous Half Moon Bay, Ca. March 11 & 12th.

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