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Why No Top Ten Sexy Guitars??

This morning one of my BFF straight out played me like the instruments she is adept on!
Yep, she stroked me like a 12 string! She says "how come you don't want to do the Top Ten Sexiest Guitar Players? 
pick one...No Way!!

She went on to say "I'll be #10, I don't care, I just want to see who you pick". That's laughable because she knows she would be in the top three. So right off I knew this was another 'trouble making' attempt that she excels at.

here's 3 more??

Then, she said well you did the pianists? I explained that I know dozens of world class pianists, because one of the requirements to make the list is, I have to know you personally, I have to be a friend or have interviewed them to put them on the list!

Who could dispute, Aziza, Eliane Elias, Carly Simon, Nina Simone, Lynne Arriale??
In fact most of the ladies on the pianists' list thanked me for including them on such a list and were honored that I put them ahead of some of the greats!

Yea, more?

With the guitar list, I do not know any world famous musicians who make their living with a guitar... so the list would be a list of ladies who are close to me. That's the rub!
Hmmmmm, sexy, yes!

So, nice try, fill in your name!!  ...but you need to come with a better argument!!

Add, Abby see what I mean?

and...still more, but no room!!

 ...over the Ten already and I have no more room for photos

I would love to do it, the Pianists was fun for all involved and it gave the blog a major shot in the arm.
but....A quote I heard somewhere, in a year far, far away comes to mind...
"If a man is standing alone in the woods and says he still wrong"

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